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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 May, 2003, 07:42 GMT 08:42 UK
Calls for God upset phone-owner
The new US blockbuster Bruce Almighty may be reaping huge profits around America, but it is causing almighty headaches for Dawn Jenkins, a glassmaker from Florida.

Jim Carrey. Picture: 2001.
Jim Carrey stars in the new US film
In the film, God tries to reach a mortal - the character played by Jim Carrey - by repeatedly leaving a phone number on his pager.

But instead of the usual 555 prefix used by most US television shows and films, God's number is a common seven digit exchange - which matches Ms Jenkins' mobile phone.

After the film was released on Friday, Ms Jenkins says she has been getting about 20 calls per hour, with callers asking for God before hanging up.

"What am I to do?" Ms Jenkins wrote on an internet forum.

"I e-mailed Universal Studios about this issue... I think I want payment".

Ms Jenkins said she did not want to use call-blocking or call-intercepting services offered by her telephone company, as this could harm her business.

Instead, she has been contemplating hiring an attorney, according to the Associated Press news agency.

'Aggravated to death'

But Ms Jenkins is not alone trying to cope with the avalanche of phone calls.

"God's" number matches a call centre to a group of five talk-radio stations in Colorado.

"My receptionist is going to go crazy," senior vice president for the Radio Colorado Network Ron Nickel was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.

And the trouble does not stop here.

Apparently, the number on Carrey's character's pager matches the number of a woman in South Carolina.

The woman declined to give her name, saying only that she has been "getting aggravated to death" by the incessant calling.

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