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PoW's family speak of anguish
Private Patrick Miller
Miller was shown on Iraqi TV
Relatives of an American prisoner of war shown on Iraqi state television have spoken of their fears for his safety.

Private Patrick Miller was one of five American soldiers seen being questioned in front of an Iraqi TV microphone on Sunday.

The group's appearance on television sparked outrage in Washington, and human rights groups have accused Iraq of violating rules on the treatment of PoWs by filming them.

Private Miller's half-brother, Thomas Hershberger, said the family was shocked when they found out he was missing.

"The reaction in the family was a lot of tears," he told America's ABC television network.

"The reaction was disbelief at first until I actually saw pictures on the internet, then it was something I just had to believe because it was there," he said.

Strong willed

Private Miller, from Wichita in Kansas, was serving with the 507th Maintenance Company when he was captured near the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriya.

He hangs in there and does what he needs to do
Shane Miller, brother

He was shown, looking frightened, being questioned by two unseen interviewers.

He said he had come to Iraq "to fix broke stuff" and said if Iraqis "don't bother me, I don't bother them".

Private Miller's brother, Shane, told the network: "[Miller] is very strong willed, he's a fighter. He hangs in there and does what he needs to do."

He said the Millers were a close-knit family who had always been there for one another.

The serviceman's sister, Kimberley, said her brother would try to cope with his ordeal.

"I think he'll just try to be as strong as he possibly can and hold his head up like he always has," she said.

Mr Hershberger said Private Miller's wife was "having a hard time" dealing with her husband's capture.

"She had a harder time at first, she's hanging in better now, but it's still a very difficult time. It's just a very difficult time," he said.

PoW family speaks
"He's a fighter"

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