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Thursday, 17 October, 2002, 14:50 GMT 15:50 UK
Washington sniper
Images from the search for the sniper
A series of apparently random shootings in the area around Washington have baffled the police. A lone gunman, trained as a marksman is thought to be responsible. BBC News Online brings you TV reports about the killings.

Friday 25 October:
Sniper prosecutors seek death penalty

John Allen Muhammad
Mr Muhammad is a Gulf War veteran
Authorities in Montgomery, Alabama, have said they intend to seek the death penalty against John Allen Muhammad, 41, and his stepson John Lee Malvo, 17, the two suspects in the Washington sniper killings.

Thursday 24 October:
Two arrests in sniper hunt

Police checking a vehicle
Police swooped following a tip-off
US police arrested two men in Maryland who they believe are responsible for the Washington area sniper shootings. The two men were detained in a car at a highway rest stop on Thursday morning.

Wednesday 23 October:
Schools re-open despite sniper fears

A policewoman walks through a playground
The sniper threatened to target children
Thousands of anxious students returned to school in the Washington area on Wednesday morning amid heightened security after a serial sniper threatened to target children.

Tuesday 22 October:
Children threatened by sniper

The bus at the scene of Tuesday's shooting
The area near the bus is sealed off
Police hunting the sniper reveal a chilling message from the killer: "Your children are not safe - anywhere, at any time". The sniper killed his tenth victim, a bus driver shot on the steps of his vehicle in Maryland.

Monday 21 October:
'Men arrested' in sniper hunt

A white van is removed from a petrol station after an armed police operation
A white van is taken away by police
Police searching for the sniper arrest two men in connection with the shootings, but both are later released without charge. The move comes after officers say they believe the sniper left a message for them at the scene of the latest suspected attack.

Sunday 20 October:
New shooting fuels sniper fears

Investigators at the scene of the Ponderosa car park shooting
Investigators at the scene of the shooting
Police treat the shooting of a man in a restaurant car park in Ashland 70 miles south of Washington DC, as the latest attack by the sniper. The victim was shot in the stomach but is said to be in a stable condition.

Wednesday 16 October:
Police issue witness advice

Captain Nancy Demme of the Montgomery County Police
Captain Nancy Demme
The Montgomery County police advised people who heard a gunshot to first take cover then look in the direction of the noise, amid fears that media reports were influencing the perceptions of witnesses.

Monday 14 October:
Sniper bullet fells woman

Medical examiners with the body
The woman's body is wheeled into an ambulance
The sniper claimed his ninth victim outside a shopping centre in the Falls Church area of Virginia. But police say eyewitnesses to the killing have provided potentially valuable leads.

Friday 11 October:
Killing triggers massive manhunt

roadblock on Interstate 395
Police put roadblocks on highways and access ramps
Police erected scores of roadblocks outside Washington after the latest shooting in which a man was shot at a petrol station at Fredericksburg in Virginia. They were searching for a white van reported near the scenes of several of the killings.

Wednesday 9 October:
Seventh victim killed

Federal and state police investigate the scene of the shooting
A man filling his car at a petrol station at Manassas in Virginia became the gunman's seventh victim. Police said he was shot once in the head. All the other victims were shot with a single bullet.

Monday 7 October:
School shooting

Parents and pupils
Parents collect pupils from the school where a 13-year-old boy was shot
A 13-year-old boy was shot and injured as he was being dropped off for school in a Maryland suburb of Washington. The attack led to increased security in the region's schools with children kept indoors during breaks.

Thursday 3 October:
Sniper kills 5

Policeman by bloodstained car
A policeman at the scene of a shooting
Maryland police launch a hunt for a "skilled shooter" and a possible accomplice after five people are killed. Three men and two women were shot and killed with high-velocity bullets, apparently at random in the area around Washington DC.

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