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Monday, 9 September, 2002, 19:01 GMT 20:01 UK
Al-Qaeda 'still a threat to UK'
Victim Graham Berkeley
Graham Berkeley died in a plane that hit the towers
Al-Qaeda still poses a terror threat to the UK, the government warns, as it releases an official list of the Britons who died in the 11 September attacks.

In a document published on Monday by the Cabinet Office, the government said it had concluded the terrorist network was still a security threat and Britain was not immune to attack.

The document - entitled The United Kingdom And The Campaign Against International Terrorism (Progress Report) - summarises the UK's security response to the events of 11 September.

There is no room for complacency

Government report

In its conclusions it warns: "A great deal has been achieved since 11 September 2001.

"However, there is no room for complacency."

The report concluded the UK was now better prepared for an attack, more aware of the threat and how to deal with it, and better prepared to deal with the aftermath of an attack.

But, it added, there was "still a great deal to be done".


"Despite the impact of the campaign so far on Al-Qaeda and other extremist groups, it is clear they retain the capability and intention to mount attacks and that UK interests may be a target," said the report.

Meanwhile an official list of British victims of the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York has been released for the first time.

The 67 British victims - plus 16 foreign nationals with close UK ties - were named by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

They are:

1 Sarah Ali
2 Andrew Bailey
3 Michele Beale
4 Jane Beatty
5 Oliver Bennett
6 Graham Berkeley
7 Paul Bristow
8 Geoffrey Campbell
9 Jeremy Carrington
Christopher Newton-Carter
Christopher Newton-Carter phoned family in Scotland to assure them he was safe minutes before the first plane hit
10 Suria Clarke
11 Neil Cudmore
12 Michael Cunningham
13 Gavin Cushny
14 Caleb Dack
15 Anthony Dawson
16 Calvin Dawson
17 Kevin Dennis
18 Melanie Devere
19 Richard Dunstan
20 Michael Egan
21 Christine Egan
22 Robert Eaton
23 Godwin Forde
24 Christopher Forsythe
25 Boyd Gatton
26 Andrew Gilbert
27 Tomothy Gilbert
28 Paul Gilbey
29 Ronald Gilligan
30 Robert Halligan
31 Nicholas John
32 Christopher Jones
33 Robin Larkey
34 Steven Lawn
35 Leon Lebor
36 Michael Lomax
37 Mark Ludvigsen
38 Gavin MacMahon
Rick Rescorla
Rick Rescorla was head of security for Morgan Stanley and led many people to safety
39 Simon Maddison
40 Keithroy Maynard
41 Colin McArthur
42 Christina McNulty
43 John Moran
44 Stephen Morris
45 Alex Napier
46 Marcus Neblett
47 Christopher Newton-Carter
48 Avnish Patel
49 Hashmukh Parmar
50 David Rathkey
51 Sarah Redheffer
52 Rick Rescorla
53 Karlie Rogers
54 Howard Selwyn
55 Jane Simpkin
56 Michael Stewart
57 Derek Sword
58 Rhondell Tankard
59 Ian Thompson
60 Nigel Thompson
61 Simon Turner
62 Benjamin Walker
63 Dinah Webster
64 Vincent Wells
65 Kathryn Wolf
66 Martin Wortley
67 Neil Wright


1 Carol Blake
2 Bettina Brown
3 Sal-uddin Choudhury
4 Richard Cudina
5 Kieran Gorman
6 Waleed Iskandar
7 Yvonne Kennedy
8 Bojan Kostic
9 John Lozowsky
10 Israel Pabon
11 Edward Saiya
12 Joyce Smith
13 Vladimir Tomasevic
14 Jonathan Uman
15 James Walsh
16 Maudlyn White

New York despatches





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