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Wednesday, 27 February, 2002, 13:16 GMT
Poll says Muslims angry at US
An anti-US demonstration in Iran
Anti-US sentiments are among the strongest in Iran
Most Muslims do not believe that Arabs carried out the 11 September attacks on the United States, according to a poll of nearly 10,000 Muslim residents from nine countries.

The Gallup poll also found widespread dislike of the United States and President George W Bush, and most of those asked disagreed with the campaign in Afghanistan.
President George W Bush
More than 50% 'disliked' President Bush

Among the countries included in the survey, Lebanon had the most favourable opinion of the US with Pakistan at the other extreme.

The poll is believed to be the most comprehensive survey of public opinion in the Muslim world following the attacks on New York and Washington.

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Gallup conducted the interviews during December 2001 and January 2002.

It asked 9,924 Muslim residents in nine countries: Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Participating countries
Saudi Arabia
The poll had about 120 questions, but not all were asked in every country because of censorship, US newspaper USA Today reported.

For instance, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Morocco did not allow the question about Arab responsibility for the 11 September attacks, it said.

Respondents overwhelmingly described the United States as "ruthless, aggressive, conceited, arrogant, easily provoked, biased," said Gallup editor-in-chief Frank Newport.

"The people of Islamic countries have significant grievances with the West in general and with the United States in particular," he said.


Although most of those identified by the US authorities as having been involved in the 11 September attacks were of Arab extraction, 61% of the respondents said they did not believe Arab groups were behind the attacks.

A further 67% thought the US campaign in Afghanistan following the attacks was unjustified, with 9% thinking it was.

Only 9% said they thought US military action in Afghanistan was morally justified. The least satisfied were the people of Morocco, Indonesia and Pakistan.

[Respondents describe the US as] ruthless, aggressive, conceited, arrogant, easily provoked, biased

Frank Newport, Gallup editor
The poll confirms a widespread unfavourable opinion of the US in the Muslim world - 53% - with less than half of that - 22% - holding a positive opinion.

Views in Pakistan - a key US ally in the war on terrorism - Iran and Saudi Arabia are the most negative.

Only 11% expressed a favourable opinion of the President Bush, with 58% saying they dislike him.

Just 12% think the West respects Arab or Islamic values. And 7% say Western nations are fair in their perceptions of Muslim countries.

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