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Sunday, 7 October, 2001, 21:17 GMT 22:17 UK
Timeline: Afghanistan air strikes
The debris of the World Trade Center
Strikes are a response to the 11 September attacks
The US and its allies have launched military strikes against the Taleban in Afghanistan.

BBC News Online charts the course of events.

7 October

1353GMT The Afghan opposition Northern Alliance says the United States could launch air strikes against the Taleban "imminently".

1625GMT Reuters agency reports three large flashes in the sky 40 km [25 miles] north of the Afghan capital, Kabul.

1627GMT Several loud explosions heard in Kabul and electricity supplies are cut, city residents tell AFP agency. Anti-aircraft fire heard.

1645GMT Eyewitnesses report at least four large explosions in Kabul, and a black plume of smoke rising over the city.

1655GMT AP agency reports sporadic anti-aircraft fire. CNN reports explosions in the southern city of Kandahar, where the Taleban headquarters is located.

1700GMT President Bush addresses America and confirms British forces assisting the US military action.

1708GMT US attacks have destroyed a command base at Kandahar airport, CNN reports. Also reports the Defence Ministry in Kabul hit.

1714GMT Taleban confirm bombing of Kabul, according to Afghan Islamic Press [AIP]. Downing Street confirms British involvement.

1716GMT Reported explosions in the northeastern city of Jalalabad. Northern Alliance Defence Minister Dr Abdullah Abdullah says at least three nearby training camps may have been hit. Attacks came around 15 minutes after Kabul hit.

1725GMT CNN reports cruise missiles fired from US and British ships, PA says attacks began with missile launches.

1730GMT Taleban confirm some bombardment near Kabul airport, say AIP.

1735GMT Pentagon official says Tomahawk cruise missiles launched by US and British ships, and US submarines, AP agency reports. Targets reportedly include air defences, military communications and terrorist training camps.

1751GMT UK Prime Minister Tony Blair confirms British missile-firing submarines used for attacks. British warplanes will join the attack in the next few days.

1816GMT Kabul residents fleeing airport area and ignoring a curfew, AIP says. Also claims electricity restored to the city.

1821GMT AFP reports explosions and fires around airport at northern Taleban-held city of Mazar-i-Sharif. Afghan opposition forces report "dozens" of US helicopters and jets flying overhead.

1834GMT Osama Bin Laden and Taleban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar both survived the strikes, the Taleban ambassador to Pakistan tells AP agency.

1835GMT Pakistan says it provided designated air corridors allowing US forces to carry out strikes, but no Pakistani airbases were used.

1847GMT Afghan opposition forces are shelling Taleban positions north of Kabul, Reuters reports.

1851GMT US military officials say 15 land-based bombers, 25 strike aircraft and 50 Tomahawk missiles were used in the attack. B1, B2 and B52 bombers used.

1855GMT US Defence Secretary says Taleban anti-aircraft weapons and planes targeted to minimise the threat to US forces. Also says strikes are ongoing.

1900GMT US officials say humanitarian aid being dropped simultaneously by air into Afghanistan. No information about damage to or loss of any American planes.

1909GMT A Taleban spokesman tells AIP the US-led attacks caused no significant damage to Taleban targets, AFP reports.

1937GMT Senior Taleban official claims an unidentified plane brought down in Farah province during the attacks.

1951GMT UK Ministry of Defence confirms three British submarines - HMS Trafalgar, Triumph and Superb - involved in the strikes. Only Trafalgar and Triumph carry cruise missiles.

2056GMT AP reports exchange of rocket fire between Northern Alliance and Taleban forces, 25 miles north of Kabul, one hour after the US air strikes.

2105GMT Another large explosion is heard in Kabul after a jet flies over the city, AFP reports. A Taleban official is quoted as saying the attacks have been renewed.

2110GMT Reuters says witnesses report strong explosions rocking northern districts of Kabul, near the city's airport. Also reports fighting between the Taleban and opposition in border regions.

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