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Monday, 5 March, 2001, 21:55 GMT
Bush cabinet profiles
Dick Cheney leaving a Washington hospital after suffering a mild heart attack
Dick Cheney: Memories of the Ford administration
President George W Bush has produced a cabinet team which is the most ethnically-diverse in US history, but is politically right-wing.

He promised to to take an inclusive, bi-partisan approach to government, and his cabinet nominees include four women, two African-Americans, two Hispanics an Arab-American, a Japanese-American and a Chinese-American.

But although the team includes one Democrat, the key members are hardline Republicans, and several served in George Bush senior's administration.

Secretary of State: Colin Powell

Colin Powell in Saudi Arabia
Colin Powell: Top soldier during Gulf War
The 63-year-old becomes the first African-American to hold the office. At 52 he was the youngest and first African-American chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - America's highest ranking soldier - under the presidency of George Bush senior.

He shot to world fame in 1990 as one of the major architects of the successful campaign to oust Iraqi forces which invaded Kuwait.

Since retiring in 1993, he has dedicated himself to improving race relations, and in his frequent lectures to black children he challenges them to fulfil their true potential.

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Defence Secretary: Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld: Brings lengthy experience to the Bush team
Donald Rumsfeld, 68, is a veteran Republican official whose government service dates back to the Nixon administration.

He has already served as defence secretary once before, under President Gerald Ford.

Two years ago he headed a commission that reported on the growing missile threat to the United States and he is likely to be a strong supporter of Mr Bush's missile defence plans.

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Attorney General: John Ashcroft

Mr Ashcroft's appointment was controversial. He is a hardliner on issues like abortion and affirmative action.

He was twice governor of Missouri and once state attorney general.

He lost his bid for re-election to the US Senate in a race against the late Democrat Governor Mel Carnahan, who died in an air crash shortly before votes were cast. Mr Carnahan's widow is taking over his seat.

Treasury Secretary: Paul O'Neill

US treasury secretary Paul O'Neill
Paul O'Neill: In charge of the economy
The chairman of the multi-national aluminium company Alcoa, takes the post. Mr O'Neill was previously deputy budget director in the Nixon and Ford administrations, where he worked with both Dick Cheney and Alan Greenspan

Commerce Secretary: Donald Evans

Don Evans
Don Evans: Long-time fundraiser
Mr Bush's long-time associate Mr Evans, a Texas oil industry executive, raised $100m for the Bush election campaign.

He has been raising money for Bush campaigns since 1978.

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Secretary of Health and Human Services: Tommy Thompson

Secretary of Health and Human Services nominee Tommy Thompson
Tommy Thompson has a reputation as a reformer
Tommy Thompson is a staunch anti-abortion campaigner.

As Governor of Wisconsin, he established himself as a tough-talking reformer, imposing stricter rules making it harder to qualify for state benefits.

Despite his toughening of the state's welfare system, Mr Thompson is a strong advocate of increased spending on childcare, transport and education to help people back to work.

Secretary of Education: Rod Paige

Rod Paige, 60, is a strong Bush supporter and has served as Superintendent of the Houston Independent School District since 1993.

Secretary of Education nominee Rod Paige
Rod Paige supports school voucher schemes
During his time in charge, exam results across the district have greatly improved and violent incidents in schools have decreased due to improved security measures.

Mr Paige supports voucher schemes allowing students from poorly performing schools to attend private schools at public expense.

Interior Secretary: Gale Norton

Gale Norton is a protege of former President Ronald Reagan's controversial Interior Minister James Watt - and her nomination has worried some environmentalists.

Interior Secretary nominee Gale Norton
Gale Norton was Colorado's first female attorney
She has pledged to make better use of the two-thirds of the nation's land in federal hands by improving access for business.

Some fear that her record as attorney-general in Colorado, where she allowed polluters to police themselves, suggests she will adopt a similarly laissez-faire policy nationally.

Head of Department of Veterans Affairs: Anthony Principi

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Secretary nominee Anthony Principi
Anthony Principi: Veteran campaigner
A Vietnam veteran, Anthony Principi is a firm supporter of expanding benefits for current and ex-servicemen including full college scholarships, better health care and home loans schemes.

Mr Principi previously served as deputy-secretary in the same department during the administration of George W Bush's father in 1989.

Agriculture Secretary: Ann Veneman

Deputy agriculture secretary for the elder George Bush. Now the first woman to run the department.

Transportation Secretary: Norman Mineta

Transportation Secretary-nominee Norman Mineta
Norman Mineta: First Asian-American cabinet member
Norman Mineta, 69, became the first Japanese-American to serve as a cabinet member when appointed commerce secretary by outgoing President Clinton last July.

He is also unique among the Bush team in that he is a Democrat.

Mr Mineta is described as a firm advocate of high-technology and has strong interests in the aviation industry.

Energy Secretary: Spencer Abraham

Energy Secretary-nominee Spencer Abraham
Spencer Abraham is a strong supporter of tax cuts
Spencer Abraham, 48, is the grandson of Lebanese immigrants, and known to be a firm supporter of tax cuts. He has followed the Republican line on most key issues.

In 1994, Mr Abraham became the first Republican to be elected to the Senate from Michigan since 1972.

There, he became a close adviser to Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. He has also served on the Budget, Judiciary and Commerce committees.

Labour Secretary: Elaine Chao

Labour Secretary-nominee
Elaine Chao, replaced Linda Chavez

Elaine Chao, a Chinese-American, is a former director of the US Peace Corps, who arrived in the United States from Taiwan with her family at the age of eight.

She was Mr Bush's second choice for labour secretary, after his original nominee, Linda Chavez, was forced to withdraw after facing allegations that she had provided a home for an illegal immigrant.

Other members of the White House team

Vice-President Dick Cheney:

Although the 60-year-old suffered a heart attack in November - his fourth - and underwent bypass surgery in 1988, he has vowed to continue in the post.

Formerly a high-profile member of the US administration, Mr Cheney is considered a moderate conservative.

He is credited with masterminding the US success in the Gulf War, and appears to be widely respected within the Republican Party.

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National Security Adviser: Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice at Republican convention
Condoleezza Rice: Russia expert
Ms Rice, aged 46, a former provost of Stanford University, also served under Mr Bush's father, when she worked on Soviet and East European issues at the National Security Council.

She has advocated the pullout of US troops from the Balkans, and criticised the Clinton administration for supporting too many foreign interventions.

However she is considered less isolationist than some leading Republicans. She has also guided Mr Bush towards acceptance of the controversial national missile defence system.

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White House Counsel: Alberto Gonzales

The Texas Supreme Court Justice was Mr Bush's legal adviser during his first term as Texas governor.

The 45-year-old originally wanted to be a pilot but after serving in the air force for two years he changed career path and graduated from Harvard Law School.

White House Spokesman: Ari Fleischer

Fleischer, 40, served as press secretary for New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici from 1989 to 1994. He was also spokesman for the House Ways and Means Committee.

Environmental Protection Agency Director: Christine Todd Whitman

The 54-year-old has been governor of New Jersey since 1993.

She has been credited with revitalising the economy while preserving open spaces in New Jersey during her tenure as governor.

But she has been viewed with suspicion by the right wing of the Republican Party for her views favouring abortion rights.

White House Counsellor: Karen Hughes

Karen Hughes
Karen Hughes: Bush's communications expert
The Bush camp says Ms Hughes, 45, will be responsible for providing strategic advice on communications, policy and legislative matters.

She figured prominently in the Bush campaign, dealing with the media throughout the protracted legal wrangling.

A former TV reporter, she has worked for President-elect Bush since 1994 and is a former executive director of the Republican Party.

Chief of Staff: Andrew Card

Andrew Card: Adviser and chief of staff
Andrew Card: Adviser and Chief of Staff
The 53-year-old chairman of this year's Republican convention is a former lobbyist for the motor industry. He was transportation secretary for Mr Bush's father, having earlier served in both of Ronald Reagan's administrations.

He has been praised for his loyalty and ability to reach across party lines.

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