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Eugene Terreblanche: Your comments

Eugene Terreblanche
Mr Terreblanche wanted a separate white homeland

South African white supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche has been killed on his farm in the country's north-west.

Mr Terreblanche, 69, was beaten to death by two farm workers after a dispute over unpaid wages, police say. Two people have been charged.

President Jacob Zuma has appealed for calm, saying the killing should not incite racial hatred.

BBC News website readers in South Africa have been sending their comments about Mr Terreblanche's death:

Mr Terreblanche, who campaigned for a separate white homeland, came to prominence in the early 1980s. Race relations in South Africa are at an all time low. This sad event is just the icing in the cake to get things moving. There have been calls for open dialogue about race relations in this country, this is the time for South Africa to talk. This country has so many problems that are not being addressed properly because everybody uses the race card instead.
Siyabonga Ndlovu, Soweto

Although I personally did not support Eugene Terreblanche's view - I am concerned about the senseless killing of farmers, as well as the public hate-speech against white South Afrikaner which the ANC allows by supporting Julius Malema. White South Africans are not allowed to use their words for the native South Africans, but the derogatory term for the white South Africans is publicly allowed and accepted. What is President Zuma going to do about this? It seems as if the ANC government is now failing all South Africans, as the political instability seems to be on the increase.
Willie van der Merwe, Johannesburg

As a white single mum of one daughter I already had sleepless nights regarding my daughter's safety. Now after the murder of Mr Terreblanche I fear even more. Racial tension has been driven to the point of no return now. I can smell the fear.
Riesa, Cape Town

Eugene was an enemy but I also don't condone his death. One will argue this is just a conspiracy to discredit Julius Malema's racist song "Kill the boer, kill the farmer". But still I would like the leaderless ANC to refrain from this racist songs.
Itami Manganyi, Durban

The struggle songs that the ANC insist should be sung contain lyrics like "Kill the farmer, Kill the boer". They insist that the songs are just commemorative, but it's disturbing that the songs are sung with such gusto; especially in recent months where half a dozen farmers have been killed. The murder of a political figure may finally cause the government to realise that singing racist songs isn't conducive to South Africa's reconciliation.
Kerry, Johannesburg

This a horrible death, a gruesome manslaughter, a never to be repeated act of hatred amongst each other. I found it very difficult to understand this irresponsible conduct, we hope this will not result into another civil war and bloodbath between the whites and blacks of this country. Where is our humanity, good morals, brotherly love, regardless our race and colour?
Vincent, Germiston

I am a proud black South African. I am appalled at this type of violence! Under no circumstances is one justified to take a life!
Lerato, Johannesburg

Farmers are being killed weekly in this country, nobody wants or needs this but the government does nothing about Malema singing "kill the boer".
Vincent Barkas, Hoedspruit

The murder of Terreblanche comes at a particularly volatile time in South Africa. Terreblanche was mostly seen as an embarrassment by white Afrikaners, yet I expect great concern about the lawlessness which led to his death. South Africa is a country suffering from a lack of moral leadership and the perception is growing that crime pays, corruption is ignored. On grassroots level the relationships between black and white are respectful, yet the political leaders reflect mistrust and antagonism.
Annelize Slabbert, Randburg

His death won't affect the country at all. The circumstances surrounding his death have nothing to do with the recent utterances made by the ANC youth league, irresponsible as they may be. He had become a nonentity on the political front. The danger is 'analysts' who want to use the killing as a barometer of black and white relations and sentiments, and their influence on a sceptical white population and those who can't see the bigger picture.
Tawanda Musarurwa, Johannesburg

Any murder is a tragedy. The irony is that a primary crazy fueller of racial hatred, a monster with no morals, could by his murder do even more harm and create hate as he did in his tragic and wasted lifetime.
David, Sedgefield

This news comes at an extremely fragile time in South Africa. Whilst our high profile political figures continue to sing songs about 'shoot the boers' it will undoubtedly lead to increased anger in relation to Terreblanche's death. He spoke for a few, and although many white individuals recognise him as an extremist and racist, that will do little to speak for the tide of events that will rock and will continue to rock the front pages of newspapers in the coming weeks. South Africa is urgently in need of the spirit of reconciliation we enjoyed so much following the 1994 elections... We seem to have run out!
Ryan, Grahamstown

I can't believe the level of hatred in our beautiful country. Why can't we just live our lives in peace for heaven's sake? Just grow up!
Joan Pearce, Cape Town

I believe Jacob Zuma and ANC have not been responsible enough in reprimanding the Youth League president for all his provocative utterances and actions that is bringing about racial tension.
Raymond, Johannesburg

The situation is similar to the slaying of black communist leader, Chris Hani, in 1993. South Africa managed to come through that (with the help of Mandela). It remains to be seen how South Africans will react now, 20 years later, only 60 days before the World Cup.
Jonathan Winter, Durban

I don't think the passing away of Mr Terreblanche will make any difference. South Africa never healed as far as racism is concerned, you may notice this in business and job opportunities. Terreblanche had also become less popular.
Thanda, Krugersdorp

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