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African World Cup ticket-buying experiences

A man holds a South African flag as he glides in the air through the Moses Mabhida Stadium on a harness in Durban, South Africa
It is 100 days before the World Cup begins in South Africa

BBC News website readers have been reacting to Fifa's denial that African football fans are being priced out of the World Cup in South Africa.


I totally agree with that Cameroonian fan who says selling tickets online is unrealistic. Yes, I am a software developer and spend more than six hours online daily, but I do not have a credit card and do not even know a single friend who has it. Credit card payments are virtually non-existent here. We are used to mobile phone payments. So do I look for a credit card just to pay for a ticket to the world cup? And what about those who don't even have internet access? It is clearly unfair.
MG, Nairobi, Kenya.

This is a total mess. If Fifa organises the World Cup in Africa, it should follow the African way somehow. Many Africans do not possess credit cards or even debit cards. This is a total calamity here. Please Fifa, make Africa for Africans.
Soubih Evaristus, Cameroon/US

Well I can afford a number of match tickets but the air ticket is beyond my reach. Let's enjoy on DSTV instead.
Evans, Nairobi, Kenya

I am a Kenyan but in South Africa for studies. My efforts to get a ticket have been unsuccessful. Here in SA one needs a credit card to purchase the ticket, and getting a credit card when you are a foreign student aint easier cos such students are not allowed to work; and who will give you a credit card if you aint got a job? Further, my country's credit card is not recognised here. I will thus watch the world cup on television!
Willice Abuya, East London

Getting a visa to South Africa is not an easy task. I don't have even a credit card to pay for the ticket and also the website is not known to many Africans.
Kofi Nkrumah, Kasoa, Ghana

Getting tickets is the problem - it is too complicated
Bongani, Cape Town

I have twice applied for tickets over the net. Twice I have been unsuccessful, no reason given. The internet should have been one way, out of many, to sell tickets. South Africans complained from the outset about this, to no avail. I am going to try again on 15 April, when tickets are going to be sold over the counter for South Africans. If the ticket fiasco is not solved, Fifa and the Local Organising Committee will have to take the blame for it. South Africans want to attend the games but getting tickets is the problem - it is too complicated.
Bongani, Cape Town

It has been a massive struggle to get tickets here. The officials talk about making them easily accessible but it has been all talk and no tangible action. The fans are bitterly disappointed and frustrated at all these empty promises.
Mthoko Mckay, Durban, South Africa

I logged in on to buy tickets (second phase) and I filled all the forms required. However until today I am still waiting for the results of my selection. I was supposed to be notified by 3 February. I am still waiting and I am just one of few people who have internet access around here. I suggest physical ticket sales for African countries.
Daniel Chongo, Mocuba, Mozambique

I applied for two tickets for a final, unfortunately since Fifa is using lottery system to allocate tickets, I was turned down. I have since used the money to pay my children's school fees. I will watch games in fan parks.
Hlanganisa Nozulu, Matatiele, SA

I am one of the very lucky football fans who managed to buy one ticket for the finals, but the system isn't all that fine.
Fredrick Kaiyatsa, Blantyre, Malawi

I work in the IT sector. The Fifa website is terrible. Not user-friendly at all. By the time I had figured out how to use the site, months later, tickets are now sold out. I can go on the net and buy tickets meant for overseas fans at three times the price and more but cannot buy tickets locally. I am sure the left-over tickets will be distributed for free to the local supporters after most are sold at European prices. Very clever Fifa. Just not very fair to your local fans. Shame on you.
Riaan Steyn, Joburg, South Africa

I have been able to buy tickets online and bought two sets of tickets. I was disappointed that I was limited to only four tickets per set, seeing that I was buying for my friends. That said, South Africa has a high percentage of internet users relative to the rest of Africa. You can even surf the web from your mobile phone. Getting a credit card is not a problem, provided you qualify for one. However, even I thought that a large percentage of South Africans do not have credit cards and would not qualify for one under our tough consumer credit protection laws, let alone those who live in informal settlements or rural areas and do not have access to the internet. How are these people going to be able to buy tickets unless Fifa allows ticket purchases at ticket boxes?
Eduard le Roux, Cape Town, South Africa

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