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Eyewitness: Nigeria attacks

Arrested men after violence in Bauchi, 26/07/09
Many people were arrested after Sunday's violence in Bauchi

A doctor in the northern Nigerian town of Maiduguri tells the BBC what he saw in the aftermath of a series of deadly clashes between militants and police.

At least 100 people were killed after attacks by Islamist militants, following similar clashes on Sunday.

The doctor wished to remain anonymous.

Below, a businessman who was caught up in fighting in Bauchi describes seeing dead bodies lying in the street.


It was around 1am when a lot of people started streaming into hospital, telling stories of indiscriminate attacks.

Then later at about 5.30am, the first real victims of the violence began arriving.

They were bleeding from machete injuries; injuries from arrows; there were people with burns.

But mostly they had machete injuries. Very big cuts - deep lacerations.

BBC map

As usual with a machete attack, the target is the victim's head.

But I also saw a lot of injuries on the arms and elbows where the victims had tried to shield themselves.

The early injuries from civilians were to exclusively male patients.

They [the attackers] allowed the women and children to run free as they were only after the men.

But later on, the attacks were indiscriminate.

I stitched a woman's head who was attacked with a machete. She had deep, deep cuts.

Accidental victims

The wards are almost filled, with both military and civilian casualties.

But most of the casualties were not directly involved in the conflict.

They were more like accidents - people caught up going from one place to another.

Initially, they had been going to the state government hospital. But because the road was blocked they started coming here instead.

It was a lot for a small hospital to cope with. Initially it was very difficult for us. But luckily we had a lot of manpower about so we were able to cope.

We managed to save some lives. I saved a couple of people who were badly cut.

But most of the serious injuries were in the main hospital.


I saw dead bodies lying in the street this morning. It was horrible. I've never seen such a sight.

They were mostly young men. One young man had a bullet hole in his body.

It was quite shocking to me.

It was terrifying. I was speechless. I couldn't move
Chigoziri Nwachukwu,

Dutsen Tanshi, Bauchi

I never knew that human beings could look like that.

I was in Dutsen Tanshi, in Bauchi, visiting two friends.

I'm a businessman - I work for a company which sells food products - rice and things like that.

When we heard gunshots, we had to run for cover. We went into to some nearby house for protection.

Outside, I could hear people running around with bows and arrows and machetes and guns.

We stayed exactly where we were.

It was terrifying. I was speechless. I couldn't move.


Today my friend and I agreed it was safer to walk the streets.

So now I'm back in my home town - Suleja, where it has been surprisingly quiet.

But on my way back here this morning - that was when I saw the bodies.

There were about five of them. It was terrible.

This fighting, it doesn't make any sense to me. The way I feel, it's that the people at the head of affairs - the religious leaders - they are taking advantage of people.

There is a lot of ignorance here.

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