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'I may not see my family again'

Fierce street battles have trapped Mogadishu residents in their homes
Fierce street battles have trapped Mogadishu residents in their homes

Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan is stranded in his home in the Somali capital Mogadishu, after his neighbourhood was engulfed by fighting.

Last week, the 25-year-old teacher sent an e-mail to BBC News, telling of his ordeal alone without food and water, after his wife and daughter fled the war zone.

Mr Hassan contacted us again to tell how gunmen allowed him out briefly to get food; and how he found something to eat even though the local shops were shut and he has no money.

Read Mr Hassan's first message from Mogadishu

I'm still trapped in my home.

There is gunfire on either side, as you can hear. Mortar shells come down like rain.

Many homes around me here in Yaqshid have been reduced to rubble.

Last week, government forces broke into my home and took away everything from me, except a shirt and trousers which I was wearing. They also intimidated me.

But yesterday, the fighters allowed me to go outside, to find some food to eat.

Two of my teenage brothers have died of starvation

When I opened my front door, they said: 'Yes, you can get out, but you better be quick'.

When I got out I found the village was still empty. The shops are all closed.

I had to go to another area where I found an old man who has a shop.

I do not have any money to buy food - I gave everything to my wife when she left.

Fierce street battles have trapped Mogadishu residents in their homes
Islamist militants and pro government forces are engaged in running battles

But the old man gave me bread and water, without money.

I don't know how I will eat for the next two days.

If that old man dies, or he flees the area I will have nothing.

Today I drank water only. I did not see bread.

Grave news

I'm feeling very weak. For two weeks I am eating only water and bread and that is not enough.

The fighters are eyeball to eyeball, no group is backing down

I have news of my family - the ones who fled to Elashabiyaha, south of the city, when the fighting broke out here.

My uncle has returned from the area.

He said two of my teenage brothers have died of starvation.

There are many people who fled there who are starving now.

My daughter is also very sick - she's suffering from diarrhoea.

My wife is suffering from malnutrition.

They are starving there and I cannot afford to send something for them. This is what makes me very sad.

It is very difficult to contact them. They do not have mobile phones.

I'd like to go to Elashabiyaha to see my family. But the fighting here is very intensive.

Thousands of Somalis have fled the fighting
Thousands have fled the fighting for refugee camps on the city outskirts

There is gunfire on both sides of me. The situation in my village is like hell.

The fighters are fighting eyeball to eyeball - very intensive conditions. No group is backing down.

There is no area to which I can flee for my life. The roads are closed and stray bullets are falling in the village.

My cousin, who was injured by a stray bullet, has now died in Keysaney hospital [Mogadishu].

Even if I get out of the village it will be difficult to return because you may be killed.

No return

I cannot tell you when I will reunite with my family.

I have a big concern that I will not see them again.

My family are facing big problems. They cannot return here, if this situation continues.

We are a poor family - one of the minority people in the city. We cannot get jobs in Mogadishu.

I was earning a little money as an English teacher but the school I taught at has shut down.

There are no jobs here for me.

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