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Sarkozy in Congo: Your views

French President Nicolas Sarkozy in northern France on 24 March 2009
Mr Sarkozy said Congo should be a "good neighbour" and share its wealth

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has suggested using the mineral wealth of the Democratic Republic of Congo to help bring peace to central Africa.

In the first visit by a French president to the former Belgian colony in a quarter of a century, Mr Sarkozy said the region's people could either become rich by working together, or continue to fight and remain poor.

Controversially, he has suggested DR Congo share its mineral wealth with Rwanda as a way to end violence around the main eastern city of Goma.

The idea triggered uproar with the Congolese media accusing Paris of seeking a "Balkanisation" of the country.

Read some of your comments:

The visit of Mr Sarkozy to DR Congo was doomed from the start due to his statement about DR Congo should share his mineral wealth with Rwanda. What Mr Sarkozy is forgetting, is DR Congo had been sharing his wealth, his people and his land with the world for so long, what has the Congo got in return? Oscar

I am glad to see Mr Sarkozy in Congo. We have not seen any of the European leaders in our nation for many decades. I hope his visit will expand the relationship between both nations.
Fiston, Kinhasa, DR Congo

You know Congolese people have been expecting for this visit as a support after many years multiple wars...we do believe this visit may change Congo's image in the world today as this can also bring some changes in our politique. Pierre, Kinshasa, DR Congo

These Europeans are gold diggers. They want to tap the wealth of Africa as China has taken the lead in helping at this very critical time of mess in the world economic meltdown. In fact during the height of the war they left Congo alone. It was African countries which helped Congo. These people are now crying with crocodile tears. Congolese people are not blind at all. James, Aru, DR Congo

We do appreciate the coming of Mr President of France in our country but I must assure you that his coming will make no difference unless he tackles the point regarding the mentality of the Congolese. We do not need western powers to change or to have security in our country. We only need to love our country! Vyannee, Kinshasa, DR Congo

As a Congolese, I find this man's visit insulting. This is a person who wants my country Balkanised and has the courage to go visit a despot government? Talk about putting insult to injury! The Congolese people don't need his visit nor France. We rather work with the Chinese and Asians. Thierry, Winnipeg, Canada

Sarkozy's visit cannot change things in DRC. The responsibility of DRC lays in hands of Congolese themselves. Congolese leaders should avoid counting on the outside world to fix their internal problems. The change should start from each one's bedroom. Dem's

It's good to visit the region and it's good he travelled with a business community. Sarkozy's visit is business oriented as he has a feeling that the Chinese presence in the Congo is not good to France and France's popularity in all her of her former colonies...Rwanda, Burundi, Congo. John, Kigali, Rwanda

It is the right time that western leaders stop meddling in the affairs of our countries. Mr Sarkozy's visit and plans to the DRC is a welcomed development but comments like the DRC sharing its wealth with Rwanda to ease up the crises should never be repeated. Dominic, The Gambia

Mr Sarkozy talks a lot, puffing out a lot of hot air to give the impression that he is doing 'stuff'. His record is not one of long-lasting and real achievement. It is not good and we French people will realise that after we see his failure to leave any legacy. Will, London, UK

It is simple as that president Sarkozy should keep his nose out of it. Would he make such statement for Israel to share its wealth with Gaza to end the violence? This is another neo-colonial statement from a white President towards an African country. Richard, UK

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