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Lesotho Aids diary: Orphan

The BBC, with Medecins Sans Frontieres, is following the lives of seven people from the community of St Rodrigue, in Lesotho, who will share their hopes and fears as they each struggle to live with and work through the country's HIV/Aids crisis.

Mahlape Moiloa | Orphan | St Rodrigue

In her last entry, Mahlape wrote how unhappy she was because even her brothers and grandmother teased her about being HIV-positive but she now says she is much happier in a new school.

Mahlape Moiloa

It's the first time that I share a room with so many girls. It's nice because we talk a lot.

I like it when I'm the same as everybody else, when I wear my uniform. I think it suits me.

I would like to make friends here. They are very nice.

Every time I eat my medication, they say they want some of it. But it's enough just for me.

My brothers are not here to mock me any more

When they tease like that, they always seem serious but very friendly. They treat me well.

I don't want to go home. I want a job, so that I can get some money to buy some clothes and shoes.

At Easter break, I'll go home and ask permission so that I can start a part-time job during the holidays.

I also don't want to go home when I finish standard 5 (when I'll be 18).

I want to stay here and work. I'd like a job giving other patients medication, helping the nurses at the clinic.

Bright future

I scored 83% on my geography test. That was the highest in the class.

Mahlape Moiloa

I did well because we learned from Renee, my teacher, and because I read and work hard.

I work hard because I want a bright future.

I like it here, at my new school, because I will have a good education and I'm near the clinic for my medication.

Not living at home any more, I feel very happy, and I might even gain some weight.

My brothers are not here to mock me any more.

The best thing about being here in St Rodrigue is that I don't have to walk that long distance from home to the clinic any more.

I'm feeling much better.

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