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Full text: Guinea military statement

Hours after the death of Guinean President Lansana Conte, the army has announced the dissolution of the government and suspension of the constitution.

Here is the military's statement in full.

Dear fellow countrymen,

At the time of celebrating the 50th anniversary of its independence on 2 October, Guinea was ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world despite its abundant natural resources.

Guinea could have been more prosperous. Unfortunately, history and men have decided otherwise.

Embezzlement of public funds, general corruption, impunity established as a method of government and anarchy in the management of state affairs have eventually plunged our country into a catastrophic economic situation which is particularly tragic for the overwhelming majority of Guineans.

All these woes have been worrying the population for a long time and have caused deep despair for the future

The members of the current cabinet are mainly responsible for such unprecedented social and economic crises.

Similarly, the republican institutions' failure to commit themselves to the search for solutions to the crisis and implement the provisions of the constitution confirms the dysfunction of the government.

Indeed, we have noted a lack of political will from the so-called broad-based government to initiate the necessary reforms to solve such a serious and permanent crisis that affects all sectors of the country, namely:

  • The government's obvious failure to provide basic social services such as water and electricity
  • The marginalisation of youths and women in the decision-making process
  • Theworsening insecurity in the entire country and the general corruption in the administration
  • A fresh upsurge of drug trafficking throughout the country
  • The government's flat refusal to further review mining agreements for fear of harming the personal and selfish interests of some government officials, lobby groups and Mafia-like clans
  • The failure to prosecute people involved in embezzlement of public funds
  • Arbitrary appointments to key government positions
  • The government's lack of political will to hold free and transparent elections for a year now
  • The fact that some lobby groups have taken the government to ransom, preventing the government from initiating the necessary customs, fiscal, and monetary reforms that are necessary for an economic recovery of the country.
  • All these woes have been worrying the population for a long time and have caused deep despair for the future of the entire Guinea people in general and especially for the Guinean youth.

    'Peaceful transition'

    For all these reasons, a National Council for Democracy and Development, (CNDD), has decided to end the agony of the Guinea people.

    In order to preserve national unity, ensure the economic development of our country, and lay the foundations of a true democracy based on the rule of law in which all the citizens are prosperous, equal and enjoy free movement in all security and at all times, as from today, the constitution is suspended.

    All political and trade union activities are also suspended.

    Similarly, the government and the republican institutions are dissolved.

    We are all in a competition to attain the same goal: to achieve the well-being of the Guinean people

    In the coming days, a National Transitional Consultative Council made up of soldiers and civilians will be set up, taking into account the ethnic balance.

    It will be chaired by a president.

    The council will be in charge of leading and supervising the transition to enable the restoration of state authority, the fight against corruption, and the holding of transparent elections.

    A prime minister - head of government - vested with all the constitutional powers will be appointed.

    His mission will be, among others:

  • To fight corruption
  • To restore state authority and public administration
  • To ensure the actual liberalisation of airwaves throughout the national territory
  • To initiate a constitutional amendment
  • To provide basic services of water, electricity, and health care to the people.
  • These measures will guarantee a peaceful transition in the highest interest of the Guinean nation.

    Dear compatriots, to reach our objectives and set our country on the path of a rebirth, we will need courage, patriotism, and a lot of sacrifice.

    Let us be proud as on 2 Oct 1958 [Guinea's Independence day] and let us show the rest of the world that, once more, Guinea can set an example of a successful democracy and an enviable country on the path of development.

    We are all in a competition to attain the same goal: to achieve the well-being of the Guinean people.

    We call on all the military and paramilitary forces to ensure the security of citizens and their property.

    We also call on the people to back its army that has always heeded its calls.

    Long live the people of Guinea!

    Long live national unity!

    Long live the republic!

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