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The good, the bad and the bizarre

Africa Christmas News Quiz

As a special Christmas present to our readers, we are giving you the chance to test your powers of recollection of some of the year's strangest stories with our African news quiz.

Barack Obama supporter in his ancestral village of Kogelo, Kenya

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Why was Morocco's king not amused by a Facebook page set up by one of his subjects back in March?

  1. The man was pretending to be the king's brother on the social networking website
    Prince Moulay Rachid
  2. He launched a Facebook page entitled: "Is the king a shape-shifting lizard who bathes in virgins' blood?"
    Giant lizard attacks house
  3. He posted a doctored photo of the sovereign wearing a bikini
    Bikini model
  4. He launched a spoof Facebook group calling for his horse to be enthroned

2.) Missing Word Question

Uganda seeking * ban

  1. Minibuses
  2. Miniskirts
  3. Minnie Mouse

3.) Multiple Choice Question

What did the Chadian authorities do earlier this year in an effort to prevent attacks by coup-hungry rebels on the capital N'Djamena?

  1. Sent the rebel leaders complimentary VIP tickets to the Beijing Olympics
    Olympic rings
  2. Stretched a big fishing net across the main gateway to the capital
    Fishing net
  3. Cut down centuries-old trees on the capital's main avenue so rebels couldn't use them to take cover
  4. Altered the direction of street signs on routes leading to the city in the hope insurgents would get lost
    Street sign

4.) Multiple Choice Question

What tribute was paid to Barack Obama in his ancestral homeland of Kenya?

Kenyan Obama supporters
  1. Public holiday declared to mark his election win
  2. Obama, the Musical
  3. Named a beer after him
  4. All of the above

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Who was bestowed with the title "King of Kings" in the summer at a gathering of more than 200 African chiefs and rulers?

  1. George W Bush
  2. Libya's Muammar Gaddafi
  3. Actor George Clooney
  4. Arsenal star Kolo Toure

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Colin Powell took to the stage to perform with a Nigerian hip-hop artist in October. But why was the song controversial?

Colin Powell
  1. It promoted promiscuity
  2. It was about internet fraud
  3. It glorified gang violence
  4. It was homophobic

7.) Missing Word Question

Why Kenyan women crave *

  1. stones
  2. sweets
  3. caviar
  4. love

8.) Multiple Choice Question

A national dance craze in Ivory Coast back in February spawned a black market in treatments promising to boost what?

  1. Women's bottom sizes
  2. Men's, ahem, trouser department
  3. Chances of marrying Chelsea's Didier Drogba
  4. Cocoa harvests

9.) Multiple Choice Question

Who or what was a Congolese minister surprised to find locked up in jail, awaiting a court appearance, back in September?

  1. A Japanese Elvis impersonator
    Elvis impersonator
  2. A herd of goats
  3. A shop window mannequin
  4. A ghost

10.) Multiple Choice Question

Which one of the following statements were NOT made by Zimbabwe's government?

Robert Mugabe
  1. The cholera outbreak is a UK racist terrorist attack
  2. UK PM Gordon Brown is a little tiny dot on this world
  3. Prince Charles plans to kidnap Robert Mugabe
  4. The opposition is made up of witches and two-headed creatures


  1. It's number one. Fouad Mourtada was sentenced to three years in a Casablanca jail for "usurping the identity" of King Mohammed VI's brother Prince Moulay Rachid on Facebook. The sovereign later granted him a pardon.
  2. It's miniskirts. Ugandan Ethics and Integrity Minister Nsaba Buturo said women in miniskirts distracted drivers and that wearing the garment was like walking naked in the streets.
  3. It's number three. The authorities chopped down the ancient trees on N'Djamena's equivalent of the Champs Elysees in March after beating off a coup attempt there in a fierce two-day battle a month earlier.
  4. It's number four.
  5. It's number two. Rulers wearing gold crowns, sequined capes and colourful robes met in Libya to bestow the honorary title on Col Gaddafi in August. He thanked his VIP guests by sharing with them his vision for a single African military, passport and currency.
  6. It's number two. America's former top diplomat took centre stage in London with Nigerian performer Olu Maintain, who sang his hit Yahoozee. The song is about scammers known as "yahoo yahoo boys" and their lifestyle of women, cars and alcohol.
  7. It's stones. Some pregnant women in Kenya love to eat soft stones, known as "odowa", which are easily available on market stalls in Nairobi - a 90kg sack costs about $6. Apparently the unusual snack has a bland, but pleasant taste.
  8. It's number one. The dance was inspired by a hit song Bobaraba, which means "big bottom" in the local Djoula language. It involves women shaking their derrieres. Even Ivorian footballers have adopted the moves, but not Drogba, as far as we are aware.
  9. It's number two. No kidding! Deputy Justice Minister Claude Nyamugabo found the goats during a routine jail visit. The animals had been due in court, charged with being sold illegally by the roadside.
  10. It's number three.

Your Score

0 - 3 : About as good as Colin Powell's hip-hop dance

4 - 7 : Yahoo yahoo!

8 - 10 : Hakuna matata! You are the quiz King of Kings

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