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China's Secret War: Your Comments

Chinese-built Dong Feng truck filmed by BBC Panorama inside Darfur in April 2008
Panorama found Chinese-made trucks in Darfur

Thank you for sending us your comments on Panorama: China's Secret War.

The debate is now closed but a selection of your views are published below.

Panorama: China's Secret War was shown on BBC One at 8.30pm on Monday 14 July 2008.

Congratulations to the whole investigative team, a programme that was riveting, the information they unearthed must surely be acted upon by the UN and any government that could help to bring about an end to this disgraceful state of affairs. For people to stand by and allow this genocide to continue, supported by the Chinese is too terrible to contemplate. The Olympic Games? NO THANKYOU. I will be watching a Steven Spielberg film.
Anne Halewood

While the starvation and deaths of Sudanese is terrible and China should be brought to justice, we can say the same thing for British, American, and Europeans who should be bought to justice for the deaths of thousands of innocent people all around the world. Countless examples can be given, we can be here all night for all the atrocities by the 'western' governments. The program is being presented by an American, please, practice what you preach.

The Panorama program titled with "China's Secret War" is very biased and unconvincing. It blames Chinese weapons for the tragedy in Darfur. So could the program editor explain to us who kill people, people or weapon?

I think strong protests should be made by the rest of the world about China fuelling war in Darfur arming Sudan's killers. This sadly is for the sake of oil. They are also providing military vehicles for this purpose. Thousands of people are being killed and terribly treated in this region. China are being allowed to host the Olympic Games while this is going on which I find incredible. I am delighted that after Panorama's investigation into China's secret war action now appears to be being taken against some of those involved. There should be I hope many more looking over their shoulder in the coming weeks and months.
Steve Fuller

Mr Liu blamed the ongoing violence in Darfur on Western countries, saying that a minister from one African country had told him arms supplied by the West to the rebels in Darfur were dragging out the conflict. I think the title should be western counties Secret War. The BBC should stop this double standard game. I hope to watch soon a programme about western counties Secret War. Elsharif

My thoughts on the programme was nothing more than Anti-China. It's quite a joke that such hypocrisy should be shown on television. China might be funding or supplying weapons to sudan, but so are the Americans whom are supplying even more powerful weapons to Israel, who are killing Palestinians. Oh, yes about the UN Arms embargo on China is another joke. So, China is not allowed to sell weapons but western NATO countries can?? Who thought this up?? Leave China Alone! Eddie

Culpable I think that China's secret war is Reprehensible. How they can get away with it is disgraceful and very culpable. The sad fact is that China is bigger and more powerful than we are and just about, everything we buy is produce in China. My family and I are really disgusted. Bina Theresa Cossar


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