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MDC pull-out: Zimbabwe reacts

The opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has pulled out of the Zimbabwean presidential run-off, handing victory to Robert Mugabe.

Here, readers inside Zimbabwe react to the news.


It's the best decision ever by Tsvangirai who has proved that he is concerned for the suffering masses of Zimbabwe. For how long will our countrymen be killed by Mugabe while our sisters are raped by the war veterans? God will judge Mugabe for that at least now elections are no longer there.
Tapondwa Mupande, Hwange

Yes, the decision was the correct one, no lives should be lost just for an election. If Mugabe wants to rule, let him rule until the day he dies. As far as I am concerned he is not the leader of Zimbabwe. He is not a leader deserving respect. He has embarrassed himself and the people of Zimbabwe.
Thulasizwe, Harare

Morgan Tsvangirai (L) and Robert Mugabe (R)
The presidential run-off was due to take place on 27 June
I strongly support the move taken by the MDC. Today I witnessed a very sad situation. The Zanu-PF thugs came to Sam Levy village in their regalia, singing and chanting then proceeded to loot the flea market. They also had a white car waiting to collect the loot. They went in and out of the complex each time bringing things to the car while singing and chanting their songs. It's so pathetic. Let this dear devil go ahead and declare himself the winner. What a shame.
M M, Harare

This is the safest move taken by the MDC, it is for the safety of the people and also their secretary general. There is no doubt that Zanu-PF was going to win this election and SADC as we all know was going to endorse Mugabe yet the whole world knows that he is suppressing Tsvangirai's rallies. Now the ball is in SADC's court, whether they accept Mugabe's presidency or not. Its time for action not words.
Darlington, Harare

I am happy about the MDC decision - too much blood has been shed and we cannot afford to lose any more people over this ruthless and undemocratic government. At least the world has seen Mugabe for what he is - undemocratic, senile and evil. Now is the time for the AU, SADC and international community to push Thabo Mbeki to act against this Mugabe regime.
Pamhidzai, Harare

Zimbabweans give their opinions on the withdrawal of Morgan Tsvangirai

The MDC have made the right decision - success in leadership is not about greedily holding on to power with the skin of your teeth against the will of the people. Success is about taking responsibility and being answerable. Leadership is more than just a job in an office, it is about the ability to listen and learn - taking note of the needs of the electorate and working with the people to build the country. If a leader feels omnipotent then history will judge them harshly as with Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Marcos and many many others.
Sarudzai, Harare


Come on Morgan! When did you realise free and fair polls were not possible? How many times did Simba Makoni call for the cancellation of polls for the same reason you are now pulling out and more. This is a disgrace. Morgan should have listened to voices of reason
John Kachere, Masvingo

Morgan! I know it is easy for me to say fight on, stand regardless, while I sleep in safety at night. But I fail to understand why you don't carry on, I mean Eddie was ousted! It cost, but he left! As for the rest of the world, shame on you for making interesting noises to make yourselves look good while old people starve and little children just don't have a chance to life. A beautiful, gentle people are being subjected to hell and the politicians don't seem to grasp just how nasty this all is.
Louise Tee, Kwekwe

The situation in Zimbabwe is totally untenable for a free and fair election. Today the Zanu-PF thugs were all over Borrowdale, the upmarket suburb in Harare, going door to door and beating up people from newspaper vendors at the corner of Harare Drive and Rolf Avenue to stall vegetable vendors at Ballatyne Park Shopping Centre, and Sam Levy's Village. This situation now calls for international intervention. Enough is enough.
Fungai, Harare

I haven't been able to sleep for three days now because I'm a known supporter and since the death a colleague I feel it's just a matter of time before they come for me. I blame Zimbabwe's neighbour and the African Union for not putting enough pressure on this mad dictator who is taking a whole country for a ride. Thambo Mbeki has disappointed millions for saying nothing. The only country that could help Zimbabweans is Ghana.
Thomas, Harare

It seems the only logical thing to do. The country is being run by Zanu-PF thugs who are immune to the laws of the country. Take today's disturbances at Glenis stadium for instance, the police, quite armed, were parked in town whilst the Zanu militia was busy beating people up. Even the countrywide roadblocks are meant for MDC people only as Zanu-PF people are not stopped. No wonder people are sticking up the Zanu stickers as a way to get past the roadblocks without being stopped.
Martin, Zimbabwe

How can the MDC fight against Zanu when Zanu has the guns? The west is allowing Zanu to get away with the crimes against humanity, and the Zimbabweans can do nothing.
Mark, Harare

Nothing will happen because of this. Tomorrow MDC will be back in the election. Tsvangirai is flip-flopping. MDC needs a better leader.
Sonduku, Bulawayo

I think that the MDC should have gone ahead with the run-off. I believe people were still going to turn up to vote especially those from urban areas who did not vote in the first round. Pulling out of the election only serves to legitimise the Mugabe regime. Opposition supporters will continue to be victimised.
Tendai, Harare, Zimbabwe

I can't believe this. The MDC is letting all of us down. What was the point in any of this? Please have the run-off, please get rid of this old man.
Susie, Chinhoyi

While you can understand why the MDC has made this decision given the violence and the very clear fact that the elections will not be free and fair and the lack of acknowledgement they have from the "exclusive mediator" Mbeki, it appears that once again, the MDC have failed to pull through for the people. Speak to anyone on the street and yes, they fear for their lives, but the violence and oppression have made them more committed to the MDC - to change. Change is what's needed and although it won't be instantaneous, it will give the Zimbabwean people hope.
Megan, Harare

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