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Your views: Zimbabwe suspends aid

Zimbabwe"s President Robert Mugabe greets party supporters on his first rally in Shamva, Zimbabwe, 29 May

Zimbabwe's government has indefinitely suspended all field work by aid groups and non-governmental organisations.

Social Welfare Minister Nicholas Goche accused several groups of "breaching the terms and conditions of their registration."

The government has accused some aid groups of using food aid distributions to campaign for the opposition - accusations they deny.

BBC News website readers express their views on the suspension of aid organisations.

The world is complicit with Mugabe in causing children to suffer. I have been to rural areas nearby and families who rely on CARE are already starving yet the world is dining with the dictator Mugabe in Rome. Ironically, the summit is on food shortages yet Mugabe is denying people food which is not his. The world has no teeth at all.
Leopold, Zvishavane, Zimbabwe

It is unfortunate that the old man who purports so strongly to be a good leader turns a blind eye on how the people he rules are suffering. Even worse he refuses them access to food from well wishers.
Pride, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

I am speechless, no one cares after all we are Africans so let them die.
Ruth, Harare, Zimbabwe

Mugabe is trying all means so that he can rule this country. We are desperate here. I urge the UN to come and see what is happening. I can't even go to my rural home to see my parents because people are tortured there by ZANU PF thugs.
Fungai, Harare, Zimbabwe

It is good Mugabe is doing this. Zimbabweans have had it good all these years, maybe now they will get up their fat asses and fight for what's right.
Thezimbo, Harare, Zimbabwe

We could have the whole thing sorted out by the end of the month if the first world threatened to take the 2010 World Cup from South Africa, in light of its total disregard for law and order, democracy and it recent xenophobic attacks. Thabo Mbeki would be thrown out of office in milliseconds and someone less infatuated with Bob would be ushered in. Thabo Mbeki is probably the only person more hated than Bob in Zimbabwe.
Frank, Harare, Zimbabwe

The situation is really getting out of hand. We rely on you guys to stop the brutality of the hardhearted dictator Mugabe. Imagine millions of people are going to die of hunger and beatings. I urge you people to stop talking and start acting because innocent people are dying every day. Mugabe must go and peace will then reign.
Ayanda, Harare, Zimbabwe

We are all - white and black - living a living hell in Zimbabwe unless a new government takes over, and it must take place now not tomorrow. It will be to late as a lot of people are suffering not only not having food, but also by the trained people of the present government.
Annoula, Beitbridge, Zimbabwe

I am in Hwange near where Mr Tsvangirai was detained. He cannot campain without clearance from the police, as is the case for everyone. Care International has been working in cahoots with the MDC distributing packets of maize meal and asking people to vote for the MDC right here in Hwange town. America and Britain may not know this officially but the MDC knows it.
Richard, Hwange, Zimbabwe

'Fiction' is the perfect description for the farcical 'run-off' elections. Mugabe has stolen two elections already. He has steadfastly refused to accept that the people no longer want him and the only purpose of the run-off is for him to try to seem legitimate in the eyes of the world. SADC and certainly South Africa will not interfere beyond what they beleive is enough to convince the rest of the world that they are trying. Nothing will change, the people will continue to suffer and Mugabe will continue to thumb his nose at the world. Come on people - seven years is long enough for us to realise that nothing will change without intervention.
Alex, Harare, Zimbabwe

I wonder if the presidential run-off can be free and fair. The ruling party recruited so many younger people who are at every corner of the country. We no longer have freedom of speech and movement. People are being harrassed by this military junta. The police uniform is being used to intimidate people. The rural folk are been told that if they vote for the opposition they are voting for war. On television the MDC is not campaigning it is only Zanu PF every minute, so where is the freedom of the media? Mugabe is making us ordinary Zimbabweans suffer.
Ngonidzashe, Mabvuku, Zimbabwe

The wait and see attitude of the international community does not work. The genocide in rural Zimbabwe is serious and needs to be investigated now. Don't wait for guns to start firing for action. The situation is now grave and let anyone who can help please do.
Raphael, Harare, Zimbabwe

It is absolutely essential that elections are held in this country, and it is important that the international community acts early to curb an emerging genocide. As much as the people of Zimbabwe are fed up with Mugabe, it will be very difficult for that to be reflected under the current environment. Mbeki is a useless player in this scenario and the UK and rest of the world has a responsibility to the people of Zimbabwe. Bring in UN peace keepers.
F C, Harare, Zimbabwe

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