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Last Updated: Thursday, 31 January 2008, 16:12 GMT
'We're living in fear in N'Djamena'
Troops around N'Djamena's palace in April 2006

Emmanuel Ndouba a translator and resident of Chad's capital, N'Djamena, told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme about fears that the city may be facing a rebel attack.

Since last night there was a huge movement of soldiers, especially towards the northern side of N'Djamena.

In the morning we saw a lot of armoured cars, especially around the presidential palace.

The people who are working around that side were forced to go back home as the environment was not conducive for them to work.

Also some secondary schools were obliged to release their students to go back.

Everywhere in town, people are living in fear.

At the place where I'm working most people have gone home.

When I went to fill my car's petrol tank this morning, they told me there was no fuel.

I knew for sure there was fuel in that station but they refused to sell it to me because everybody is afraid and they want to keep the little stock they have for themselves.

The main market has been closed since around 0800 GMT.

The radio has not mentioned anything about an imminent rebel attack - what they're saying is that Sudan is still trying to destabilise Chad from the eastern side of the country.

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