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Quiz of the year: Africa
After 12 long months, 2007 is almost at an end.

But before we move on to 2008, what do you remember about some of Africa's quirkier stories from this year?

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Question 1
Who claimed he could cure HIV/Aids in three days and how?
A: South Africa's Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, who promotes a garlic, beetroot and lemon juice cure.
B: Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh who backs a green herbal paste and banana mixture.
C: Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni who recommends a “zero grazing” cure.
Question 2
What happened to Rose the famous Sudanese goat in 2007?
A: She and her "husband" had three new kids.
B: She won a "Webby" for featuring in the world's top-hitting internet story.
C: The world learned of her tragic demise after she choked on a plastic bag.
Question 3
What is the Ugandan tree Omuboro supposed to be good for?
A: Its leaves are used to make the world's strongest liquor.
B: An infusion from its roots is thought to have aphrodisiac qualities.
C: Its nuts give off a pungent odour, which scares lions from villagers' fields.
Question 4
Who fell foul of a school essay project?
A: Five officials and a teacher in Angola, for writing a humorous essay about the fictional bank accounts of an African leader.
B: Five imams and a teacher in Sudan, for writing a humorous essay about a fictional teddy bear.
C: Five journalists and a teacher in Mali, for writing a humorous essay about the fictional mistress of an African leader.
Question 5
What did British judge Peter Smith say as he found former Zambian President Frederick Chiluba guilty of stealing $46m?
A: That the scale of his theft was inversely proportional to his height.
B: That the "FJT" monogrammed shirts and suits and specially made shoes with high heels were paid for with public money.
C: That his trademark designer clothes were cheap knock-offs from China.
Question 6
What was the complaint made by 30 Kenyan assistant ministers in a letter to President Mwai Kibaki?
A: That they had to read newspapers as they didn’t have enough work.
B: That they had no time to read newspapers as they had too much work.
C: That they didn’t like to read newspapers reporting that they didn’t have real work to do.
Question 7
Why have female residents of the Kenyan village of Nachu taken to dressing as men?
A: To try to lift a curse placed by a witchdoctor from a neighbouring village which left them infertile.
B: To go to school, after free education was introduced for adults - but men only.
C: To chase away monkeys, who only attack women.
Question 8
Who had problems with the title "First Lady"?
A: Liberia's President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who objected when introduced by Gambian officials as "Liberia's First Lady".
B: Nigeria's Adamawa State Governor Murtala Nyako, whose four wives all wanted the official title of "First Lady".
C: Zimbabwe's Grace Mugabe, who ordered a $1m diamond-encrusted necklace spelling "First Lady", only to find that when it arrived, it said "First Lad".
Question 9
Paul the lion, the “alter ego” of Cameroonian President Paul Biya, died from complications following castration. What happened next?
A: The lion keeper was put on trial.
B: The lion’s body was put on display.
C: A minister urged the nation to “pay their last respects”.
Question 10
How did a South African man named Beau Brummel outrage the residents of the all-white enclave of Orania?
A: He wanted to open a nudist resort.
B: He wanted to divert some local taxes to an orphanage in a black township.
C: He transferred a brilliant young black player to the town's rugby team.

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