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Governance views: Dr Hawa, Somalia
Dr Hawa, 60, is a doctor in Lafole which is an hour away from the war-torn capital, Mogadishu.

I think Somalia could rank above all the other African countries.

Somali police women standing in front of a poster calling for peace
Somalia has been without a functioning government for 16 years

If we got help like we've been asking for for so many years then we would be safe and secure and our country would develop.

I believe that.

It was before.

Somalis are very strong people, very diligent people, very active.

Somalia needs to be economically built but no-one is coming to help. We need real help. We need intervention.

My place is safe and secure where I live, an hour outside of Mogadishu.

No-one bothers me here.

But in Mogadishu it is very different. There is always fighting and there are always people dying.


All African countries have corruption and so of course it is here in Somalia. But here it is worse because we have inter-clan rivalry so things are even worse.

Most women do not have rights but I do, myself. It is because I stand up and defend my rights. Some women though - they let the community and their religion make them weak.

My daughters are very well-educated, like I am, and so they are like me.

Saying that though, despite their personal rights, Somali women are economically free and are very successful business women.

How would you rank your country?
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