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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 September 2007, 10:31 GMT 11:31 UK
Governance views: Donaman, Nigeria
Donaman, 25, is a student in Gboko in Nigeria

By my own assessment, Nigeria should be around the 10th position.

Nigerian voter gives a thumbs up sign
Donaman feels that President Yar'Adua is a good leader

Before elections, I was scared of President Umaru Yar'Adua because he was forced onto us but now that he's in power and we can see that the government is actually fine, so far it is so good.

In my home state I am safe and secure.

Our governor has done a lot with security and the level where it is now is so much better than in the past.

The rights of Nigerians to a certain extent are being respected presently.

The rule of law for now is very strong but what will come, I can't say.


If this report had been compiled five years ago then Nigeria would be very low down the list.

Corruption at the grassroots level I think that it really has fallen and is not so widespread.

My guess for top position would be Ghana because they really have tried so hard. Recently their economy has improved greatly.

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