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Governance views: Clement, Liberia
Clement, 38, is a voluntary worker in Liberia.

Liberia is very, very undeveloped - it is not even a developing country.

We are just coming out of 10 years of war.

Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Our lady president is trying her very best but we still have such a long way to go
Clement, 38, Liberia

Our lady president [Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf] is trying her very best but we still have such a long way to go. For example, it will only be in October, next month, when the dry season comes before recontruction of our roads will start.

We are really suffering. You should see the slums that people live in - our country is too poor.

I can say that things have dramatically improved with our security and now there is a very cool and calm environment.

There is no pressure anymore to do what you don't want to do, like all the other killings before.

Rule of law is in place and gradually life is getting back to normal. Schools are re-opening... this present time is so much better.

When we talk of development, Liberia is way, way, very far behind - people really struggle to survive.

There is corruption all over but it is not so bad like South Africa and Nigeria.

Liberia now, is different to the Liberia of five, 10 years ago.

Now we can express our feelings over the air. We have freedom of speech. People can talk about their problems and criticise the government if they want to.


Mainly, most people work for international groups or non-government organisations, like myself, but if one had sufficient funds to start their own business then they could.

But mostly here, it is the Lebanese who are driving the business.

They are the ones that have the money. We are the ones that work for them.

Liberians are striving to do their best to become competition to the foreign business people. Take rice for an example - it is our staple food but yet is is all imported and so it is big business.

These days Liberians are being encouraged to go into this rice importation business and slowly it is coming. Lately, rice can make turn an average Liberian into an entrepreneur.

And if the government continues to encourage, we will become strong competition.

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