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Governance views: Birungi, Rwanda
Birungi, 35, works for a non-governmental organisation in Rwanda's capital, Kigali.

I would guess that Rwanda is ranked somewhere between one and five.

Rwandan children
Rwanda's genocide scars are healing and development is coming

We do have corruption but we now have measures in place to fight it.

Rwanda now has maximum security. What happened before [the genocide in 1994] cannot be repeated. Safety and security is so important to us now.

Women are moving higher and we have many rights now. Of course, we are not the best in the world but considering where we were back in the 90s, we have come so far.

There are now different government institutions run by women and there is a lot being done and worked on with regards to the rights of women.

There used to be a law stipulating that land could only belong to a man but it was gazetted in 2001. Before women did not have equal property rights - a girl or women couldn't even own land.


But now the sharing is equal.

It is difficult to start a business here in Rwanda because one needs to have capital which is not easy to come by.

And there's not really a lot of choice for jobseekers. The market is very competitive.

It is not easy.

Rwanda is moving ahead and it will keep going forward - I thank the government for what they are doing because they really do put a big push behind development.

Like any other developing country we have problems but maybe in 2020 we will show how great we are.

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