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Governance views: Joseph, Botswana
Zimbabwean Joseph, 50, is living and working in Botswana. He has travelled extensively throughout Africa and abroad to UK, Europe and Americas, and Asia.

I reckon that Botswana will rank in the top 10, if not the top five.

Zimbabweans walking a dog
Many Zimbabweans have gone to live in Botswana in recent years

I have been to quite a number of African countries and there is no comparison.

In terms of human rights, except for the Bushmen issue, otherwise generally the situation is good - the opposition is active; there's no harassment or discrimination.

I think women's rights are done fairly well in Botswana. It is very advanced here compared to my own country, Zimbabwe.

There are of course secondary problems that affect women's rights over land, for instance, but those are inherent with culture.

However, there is a system that takes care of vulnerable women in Botswana.

I would not rank the police force as effective, if you take away the political issues. They are not efficient. It is just lucky that the crime rate is very low and that is definitely thanks to good governance and the wealth of the country, the diamonds that are enjoyed here.


The economy is good, but unemployment is beginning to catch up - that is because the economy is too dependent on mining and agriculture.

Problems here in Botswana are mainly a result of the number of foreigners here. Even though I am a foreigner myself, in reality, my statement is fair. There are people here as far as East, West and central Africa.

I have never been approached to pay a bribe nor have I ever been involved in a case of corruption but I have heard of situations. But despite this, corruption is not a serious issue. Botswana seems to be doing well at nipping it in the bud.

Temptation is not really there. It is not yet entrenched.

I will not be surprised if Zimbabwe is ranked lower to the bottom of the group.

The economic indicators are there for everyone to see - our rate of inflation is the highest in the world. Agriculture and industrial output is on the decline - nobody can argue about that.

We can talk about the causes and the reasons over and over but the facts and figures are all there. Acceptance is there.

But I don't think it will be right at the bottom or that low down though because of where Zimbabwe came from. My country was in a very enviable position not so many years ago.

And it still has potential.

How would you rank your country?
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