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Ugandans hold anti-gay sex rally
Anti-gay protest in Kampala
Homosexuality remains taboo across most of Africa
Hundreds of Ugandans have taken part an anti-gay rally in the capital to demand the government uphold a ban on gay sex.

The Interfaith Rainbow Coalition Against Homosexuality said the rally at a sports stadium in Kampala showed how much Ugandans deplored homosexuality.

Spokesman Pastor Martin Sempa said that Uganda was under "great external pressure to relax its laws" ahead of November's Commonwealth summit.

In Uganda, homosexuality carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

We are telling them that Africans find homosexuality reprehensible
Pastor Martin Sempa

Pastor Sempa told the BBC's Focus on Africa that homosexuals were using the summit to try and "shame, force, coerce, intimidate Uganda into changing our laws".

"We are telling them that Africans find homosexuality reprehensible. Leave us alone."

The gay community is estimated by activists to number 500,000 in Uganda where they face much discrimination.

Gay activists held a news conference last week but many were afraid to show their faces and wore masks.

They say they are forced to live double lives for fear of harassment and brutality.

Uganda's government rejected their call for recognition and equal rights.

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