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Last Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007, 01:38 GMT 02:38 UK
Senegal to triple Darfur troops
African Union soldiers in Darfur (file pic)
African Union soldiers already in Darfur will be joined by new troops
Senegal has said it will triple the size of its troop contingent in the Sudanese region of Darfur to 1,600.

Senegal currently has about 500 peacekeepers in Darfur as part of a 7,000-strong African Union force there.

That force is due to be replaced by 26,000 soldiers and police in a joint UN/AU force by the end of 2007.

Earlier this week, the UN revealed which countries - mainly African nations - which have pledged to contribute to the force.

Some Asian nations have also promised forces. No Europeans or Americans are participating at this stage.

In terms of an agreement between the UN and the Sudanese government, the proposed force must be predominantly African.

Announcing the troop increases, the office of Senegal's president said in a statement that the country was responding to requests from the African Union and the international community, the AFP news agency reported.

The African countries that have confirmed their participation are Egypt, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ghana.

Among Asian countries, Pakistan, Nepal and Indonesia have offered police, while Bangladesh has agreed to send troops and police.

Malaysia, Thailand and Jordan have also offered troops.

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