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Tear gas at Kenya MP pay protests
The protesters say they will campaign against MPs who back the pay-off
Kenyan police have fired tear gas to disperse a protest against a planned huge pay-off for MPs.

Four organisers of the Nairobi protest march were arrested and may be charged with incitement to violence.

The MPs are to vote for a government proposal to give them a $20m bonus before a new parliament is elected later this year.

"Our point is there are more deserving cases in this country," said Wanyiri Kihoro, a former MP at the protest.

President Mwai Kibaki came to power in 2002 promising to end decades of corruption and improve the living standards of Kenyans.


Police dispersed dozens of protesters, who included civil society groups, ordinary Kenyans and former MPs, just yards from parliament where they had planned to camp for the afternoon.

Mwalimu Mati, who heads the Mass anti-corruption lobby group, said they hoped to convince the MPs to reject the bill.

"Those who vote for the bill should expect the civil society to campaign against them during the general elections later in the year," said Mr Mati, who was among those arrested.

The MPs are to get a 12.5% increase in their pay and allowances, backdated to January 2003.

Kenyans go for elections in December and President Kibaki will be seeking a second term in office.

Over the past four years, Mr Kibaki's administration has been hit by several masive corruption scandals which have damaged the president's credibility with Western donors.

Some donors have estimated that up to $1bn had been lost to graft between 2002 and 2005.


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