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Last Updated: Friday, 27 July 2007, 15:47 GMT 16:47 UK
Nigerian skimpy dressers arrested
Dancers in a Lagos nightclub (Picture by George Osodi)
Lagos is regarded as the party capital of Africa
About 90 women and three men have appeared before a magistrate's court in Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos, on charges of indecent dressing.

A night-time police patrol picked them up on the streets of Lagos, which some see as Africa's party capital.

The clampdown on "indecently dressed girls" was ordered by new Lagos police chief Muhammad Abubakar who says skimpy dressing could cause public disorder.

There is no law banning indecent dressing in Nigeria.

Even in the Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria, where strict Islamic Sharia law is practised, women wearing revealing clothes can be found in red-light districts.

Mr Abubakar says women in skimpy dresses are often prostitutes and he wants to put an end to such "immorality" in Lagos.

The BBC's Fidelis Mbah in the city says it is common to see scantily-clad women on the streets as some night clubs and restaurants open throughout the night.

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