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Last Updated: Saturday, 21 April 2007, 19:04 GMT 20:04 UK
Nigeria at the polls: Voters' log
Nigerian women demonstrating

Some 60m Nigerians went to the polls on Saturday 21 April to elect a new president, a week after voting in state elections which were marred by violence and allegations of fraud.

BBC readers and listeners across the vast country sent in their voting experiences via email and SMS text messages. The local time in Nigeria is GMT plus one hour.

Uchenna Ngene : Enugu : 21 April 1855 GMT

In my area at Achara Layout Primary School in Enugu Nigeria, there were cluster of 11 polling spots. The voting was peaceful, but they were not using indelible ink to mark those that voted and that gave room for multiple voting. I noticed that during lulls in voting, which were often, some voting clerks were thumb printing and stuffing the boxes themselves while the security officers looked the other way.

Lanre : Ogun State : 21 April 1846 GMT

The election was characterised by fraud & violence in Ogun State.They used thugs 2 steal ballot boxs & threaten electorate. People refusd 2 vote.

Louis : Ibusa, Delta State : 21 April 1802 GMT

There was virtually no voting. Just like last saturday.

Musa Akko : Gombe : 21 April 1645 GMT

What election? 1745 local time and still no ballot box has been seen in Gombe central and polling station was to be closed by 1700.

Dr Samuel Jimba : Keffi : 21 April 1549 GMT

The voting in Nasarawa State has been very peaceful. Voting materials arrived in some places late, but on the average, the process is proceeding very well. I voted at 1113 local time and reports reaching me from other cities say the exercise is progressing very well. I want to remind those who are complaining about the presence of security forces that it is better to have security than none. If there is no security and the ballots are stolen or fracas ensues, the government and Inec will be blamed.

Muhammad Kadangaru Dutsinma : Katsina : 21 April 1545 GMT

I was in the line waiting to cast my vote only to be told that there are no ballot papers for us.

Bright : 21 April 1530 GMT

Because the problem of arms at the polling station, millions of Aba people are at home. My household and I couldn't vote.

Kelechi Paul Mmeje, Anambra State : 21 April 1521 GMT

No election is going on here in Anambra State.

Josiah Dibiah : Port Harcourt : 21 April 1502 GMT

In Port Harcourt many people are staying indoors. The same thing happened last Saturday because of insecurity.

Clem Baiye : Lagos : 21 April 1452 GMT

Last Saturday it took me 85 minutes to vote at my polling station in Lagos. Today all it took was 20 minutes max. Low voter turnout.

Gerard van Mourik : Abuja : 21 April 1451 GMT

I have been driving around Abuja for the past 2 hours and observed election activites around at least 7 polling stations. I talked to many voters who were furious about missing ballot papers (not available at all). They were asking me to tell the world that Nigeria's elections are fraudulous and fake.

Nwator Bright Ike : Aba : 21 April 1443 GMT

The ruling PDP is using armed youths to de-franchise the poor traders and a lot r wounded.

Yemi C-J : 21 April 1423 GMT

Early arrivals could go home for breakfast and return to a numbered place in the shaded, seated queue. There has been no excitement and so this might not interest you.

Bala Ziggy : Geidam : 21 April 1407GMT

We can now say that Nigeria's electoral commission cannot conduct a free and fair election, because it failed in distributing election materials.

Andrew Zidon, Lagos : 21 April 1400GMT

The voting has been remarkably cool and calm... There has been no sign of irregularities. This election might just turn out to be the best yet, though my candidate will probably not win.

Wale Otolorin : Iwo, Osun State : 21 April 1345 GMT

Polling booths in Oke-Odo are deserted. People are scared to come out to vote.

Muhammad Azare : Bauchi State : 21 April 1343 GMT

BBC up to now voting is yet to start here in Azare, Bauchi State. Are we not part of the election programme?

Ryan : Edo State : 21 April 1336 GMT

In my state, Edo, the alarming low turn-out today is down to last week's robbery by PDP & Inec.

Demola : Lagos : 21 April 1334 GMT

It is free and fair here in Igando where I cast my vote.

Emmanuel : Achara Layout, Enugu : 21 April 1317 GMT

At this moment there is nothing in any of the boxes. Everybody is still waiting. Why is it like this again?

Seth Agobware : Warri, Delta State : 21 April 1302 GMT

Majority of D voters were not given D chance 2 vote. Its shameful, disgraceful & criminal.

Henry Okereke : Warri, Delta State : 21 April 1301 GMT

In Okere ward where I'm registered to vote, there's no sign of ballot papers and no pretense of electoral officers.

Adeola : Lagos : 21 April 1259 GMT

Voting in Festac Town, Lagos has been peaceful though very scanty. People didn't really come out to cast their votes & reason for this I think is people are tired.

Sadeeque : Kano : 21 April 1257 GMT

The election in my polling station was free, fair and transparent. There is security and voting started as scheduled.

Agwuna Samuel Sopuluchukwu : Anambra : 21 April 1253 GMT

In all polling stations in Awka capital of Anambra state, elections have not started nor electoral officials seen around.

Ikem Ugwu : Enugu : 21 April 1213 GMT

Tired, frustrated and disappointed.

Abubakar : Gombe State : 21 April 1213 GMT

We are still waiting for the arrival of election material here in Gombe State.

Emma Emenu : Umuoji, Anambra State : 21 April 1149 GMT

Elections have not commenced at 1249 local time at the polling centre located at the magistrate court premises in Umuoji.

Furious youths torched some shacks close to the headquarters of the electoral commission
Alex Last in Daura, 1102 GMT

Inec officials are nowhere around, neither are election materials.

Eligible voters are complaining. I am reliably informed through phone call monitoring that the situation is the same in the rest of Idemili north local government area.

Olubowale Josiah : Ibadan : 21 April 1138 GMT

Had to wait till now to get to the polling booth. I spent about five minutes waiting and I'm through. Quite smooth and looks almost impossible for violence to break out here. Maybe because this neighborhood is close to the governor's private residence.

Jibrin : Bauchi State : 21 April 1130 GMT

It is 1130 GMT and polling stations have not officially open here in Bauchi. I am getting impatient with this unnecessary delay.

Emeka : Anambra State : 21 April 1129 GMT

It's past 12 noon in Nigeria and voting materials are still being awaited in Anambra State. I am afraid the events of last week's will be repeated.

Collins : Lagos : 21 April 1127 GMT

Everything is very clear and going on smoothly. People are voting calmly. Thanks to the Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec).

Mohammed S Duba : Abuja : 21 April 1108 GMT

Polling station 022 at the presidential villa was on time. Started at 10am prompt. People were orderly as at the time I casted my vote.

Abdulbaki Tsagaiwa : Ogmoso : 21 April 1106 GMT

Here in Ogmoso the election is going on as scheduled.

Anonymous : Gombe State : 21 April 1105 GMT

We in Gombe State have not seen any of the election materials as of this time 1105 GMT.

Chinedu : Lagos : 21 April 1100 GMT

1200 local time and ballot materials are still been loaded into an airplane to Enugu. I wonder when it will get there and distributed to villages. What a shame.

Mrs Musa : Abuja : 21 April 1053 GMT

Everything is very clear and going on smoothly. People are voting calmly.

Nathaniel : Abuja : 21 April 1047 GMT

People are orderly, they are civil. There are long queues but people are enduring. Security gents are in attendance and everything is going well.

Sly : Matogun, Ogun State : 21 April 1027 GMT

Up till this momment we have not seen any sign that we are holding any election in the area. Maybe some tout has hijacked our polling materials but we are still waiting. I'm sure the materials have not been hijacked. It should get here before 4pm. Still waiting...

Ali Tela : Tego Market : 21 April 1024 GMT

Nigeria's presidential election is taking place here, but we know it is not going to be free and fair.

Patrick : Aliade, Benue State : 21 April 1019 GMT

There is no election here - we have waited at our polling stations without boxes. It is a shame.

Ahamefula Ken Mbaeri : Lagos : 21 April 1001 GMT

At 1000 GMT we have not seen any electoral officer at Mile 12 Kosofe local government area. Therefore, we may be voting late or not at all.

Ahmadu : Mubi, Adamawa State : 21 April 1000 GMT

It is now 1000 GMT but election has not started here in Adamawa State.

Adamu : Nigeria : 21 April 0909 GMT

Sample voting will take place in Nigeria today. The votes are already being thumbed and stuffed by the military and police. The PDP has already won.

Anonymous : 21 April 0641 GMT

Watch out 4 young men sprinting away with ballot boxes.It happened last Saturday. It will happen again today. I only wish we had athletic scouts.

Idris Dangalan : Kano : 21 April 0640 GMT

Arrival of voting material in time is good, but Nigerians and Africans are looking for free and fair elections in the country.

Lanajobi: Ibadan, Oyo State : 20 April 1718 GMT

Go Nigerians go. Let us shame the devil & vote for candidate of our choice.

Alex: Lagos : 20 April, 1718 GMT

We already know who our next president will be. But we shall go out to vote and fulfill all righteousness.

Innocence Orji: Benue State : 20 April, 1523 GMT

Pls BBC help me tell every Nigerian to PRAY 4 tomorrow. I am worried about the transparency and we're tired of violence. I don't know how they will get the ballots here on time, but they have delayed polling time. Everybody is waiting anxiously here to vote.

Godwin Egga: Lafia, Nassarawa State : 20 April, 1515 GMT

We've lost faith in the electoral process. I'm cynical about it. I am not going to vote after last time, it was rigged. There is a lot of security in town. People are not upbeat about the elections, there is a lot of resentment.

Blaq Moses: Minna, Niger State : 20 April, 1508 GMT

All we ask of Inec in tomorrow's elections in NIGERIA is to be given a true reflection of our votes.

Emperor: Port Harcourt, Rivers State : 20 April, 0747 GMT

Pls tell the foreign election observers to go to the rural areas not to stay in ABUJA for their observation.



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