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Last Updated: Monday, 26 March 2007, 11:28 GMT 12:28 UK
Hunt for Nigeria's 'Bin Laden'
Joshua Dariye
Mr Dariye became famous after he skipped bail in the UK
The disputed governor of central Nigerian Plateau state has made a televised broadcast from hiding, saying he is still in charge.

Joshua Dariye's Osama Bin Laden-style broadcast has prompted security agents to launch a fresh bid to find him.

Mr Dariye went on the run last year after being impeached by local MPs for alleged money laundering.

Two weeks ago, an appeal court in Jos nullified his impeachment and ordered his immediate reinstatement.

But rather than come out of hiding to "reclaim (his) mandate" - as he put it - Mr Dariye made a 10-minute pre-recorded television broadcast.

"Dariye is behaving like Osama bin Laden", said Plateau State's government spokesman after watching the broadcast on a private television station.

The BBC News website has learnt that the station was paid $47,000 for the broadcast.

Security agents are now trying to trace the origin of the tape that was broadcast on Saturday night.

Mr Dariye skipped UK bail three years ago, after money-laundering claims.

He was accused of embezzling nearly $9m in public funds.

Mr Dariye's former deputy Michael Botmang took over after Mr Dariye was impeached.

The anti-corruption agency says they have no idea where Mr Dariye is, but vow he will not escape justice.

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