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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 November 2006, 11:38 GMT
New building collapses in Lagos
A three-storey unfinished building has collapsed in the Nigerian city of Lagos with at least two construction workers trapped inside, helpers believe.

Rescue workers are complaining of a lack of equipment to move the rubble.

A doctor at the scene who has been helping survivors told the BBC's Alex Last in Lagos that 12 people have been rescued unhurt from the building.

The cause of the collapse is unknown, but many buildings in Nigeria are constructed with substandard materials.

Building regulations are also weak. In July, at least 20 people died when a Lagos apartment building collapsed.

"We are still waiting for mechanical equipment to help us excavate the people left in there. But we don't know how many there are," said Dr Osa Myintolu.

Dr Sikuade Jagun, director of the Lagos ambulance service, told AP news agency that two of the construction workers are unaccounted for.


Attah Benson of the Nigeria Red Cross who has been helping with the rescue efforts at the site said the collapsed building was still being built and those inside would have been construction workers.

"There was no light, so we couldn't do much. We worked with our hands till 0230 am," Mr Benson said, adding that the collapsed building was intended for use as a bank.

Soldiers and rescue workers are struggling to hold back crowds of people that have gathered at the collapsed building site.

Eyewitnesses say the building's floors were compressed on top of each other, surrounded by bamboo scaffolding and cement blocks.

Nigeria building search goes on
20 Jul 06 |  Africa

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