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Africa's 2006 in quotes quiz
Another year draws to a close... Who made the year's most memorable quotes in Africa?

Find out how much you remember in our quiz.

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Question 1
Who said this, and why? "If you rattle a snake, you must be prepared to be bitten by it."
A: Somalia's Islamist leader Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, after Ethiopia accused them of trying to destabilise the region.
B: Kenya Internal Security Minister John Michuki after raids on a newspaper.
C: South African wildlife expert Tony Brooker after death of Australian Steve Irwin.
Question 2
"Any talk of a humanitarian crisis is not true." Crisis, what crisis?
A: There was no drought in Zimbabwe, according to President Robert Mugabe.
B: The floods in Kenya are not too serious, says President Mwai Kibaki.
C: The suffering in Darfur has been exaggerated, says Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir.
Question 3
What did Nigeria's outgoing President Olusegun Obasanjo say when he announced he would be returning to university?
A: "I shall pay due respect and be obedient to the vice chancellor and other officers of the university."
B: "I had better get top marks."
C: "I hope the tutors do not support my enemies."
Question 4
"I assure you it doesn't matter who you are or how much money you have, nothing goes fast in Africa." Who says they were stuck in the slow lane?
A: British entrepreneur Richard Branson reflects on expanding his Virgin airline into Nigeria.
B: US pop star Madonna, denying that rules were bent for her to adopt a Malawian baby.
C: Arsene Wenger, manager of England's Arsenal football team, denies fast-tracking the transfer of Emmanuel Eboue from Ivory Coast.
Question 5
"The difference is these guys are wise... These people kill whoever they feel like and then ask: 'Who killed them?'" Who are the real killers?
A: Zimbabwe's Archbishop Pius Ncube, comparing life under Ian Smith and Robert Mugabe.
B: Congolese villager Beauty Kinyanta after being attacked first by rebels, then by the army in the same week.
C: Ethiopian judge Teshale Aberra compares Meles Zenawi's government to that of Mengistu.
Question 6
"If you're slow, it'll take you three seconds. You can really do it in one." In what way is Africa so quick?
A: South Africa's new fast condoms, explained by Roelf Mulder.
B: Ghana's new instant fufu, invented by Elsa Asante.
C: Darfur militia leader Musa Muhammad is caught in a secret recording, explaining how to drive villagers out of their homes.
Question 7
British researcher Richard Freeman said in July: "There seems to be this thing when you see the ninki-nanka you will die, usually within a few weeks." What is a ninki-nanka?
A: A magic charm worn by Swazi girls to maintain their virginity, which affects men.
B: A Congolese rebel group, said to use magic against their enemies.
C: A mythical Gambian dragon.
Question 8
"It really is distressing when the coercive apparatus of the state is brought against the most principled members of society." Which state and why?
A: Morocco was accused of rounding up Islamists by their leader Nadia Yassine.
B: The UN's Stephen Lewis criticised South Africa's arrest of Aids activists.
C: The International Federation of Jurists condemned the arrest of Tanzanian lawyers.
Question 9
"These foreigners have shown no respect to the rights of the natives." Which foreigners and which natives?
A: African migrants arriving in the Canary Islands, criticised by Spanish Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba.
B: White Zimbabwean farmers, after setting up in central Nigeria, accused of arrogance by local official Musa Abdullahi.
C: Mahamid Arabs who moved to Niger from Chad, condemned by Niger's Interior Minister Mounkaila Modi.
Question 10
"It feels just like a dream, I don't want to wake up." Who was feeling so happy?
A: Football fan Richard Apedonu, after Ghana's Black Stars qualified for the second round of the World Cup.
B: Liberia's President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, after spending her first night in the presidential mansion in January.
C: Zimbabwean opposition activist Tapiwa Kulinji, after winning his appeal against deportation from the UK.

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