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African development quiz 2006
Question 1
Only 3% of the population have access to electricity in which African country, according to World Bank figures?
A: Nigeria
B: Cameroon
C: Chad
Question 2
How many sub-Saharan African countries have a higher average income per person each year than South Africa's $3,630?
A: None
B: Two
C: Four
Question 3
Ethiopia, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo have the biggest populations in sub-Saharan Africa but from largest to smallest put them in order.
A: Nigeria, Ethiopia, DR Congo
B: Nigeria, DR Congo, Ethiopia
C: DR Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria,
Question 4
Which country is seeing sub-Saharan Africa's highest population growth?
A: Senegal
B: Eritrea
C: Ghana
Question 5
What percentage of the population in Uganda is below the age of 14?
A: 25
B: 40
C: 50
Question 6
Which country has seen the largest drop in life expectancy between 1990 and 2004?
A: Botswana
B: Uganda
C: Swaziland
Question 7
Only 10% of the population live in urban areas in which African country?
A: Burundi
B: Tanzania
C: Republic of Congo

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