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Congolese voters' views: Alain
Various presidential run-off scenes in DR Congo

Alain Matu, 34, is a teacher in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, Kinshasa.

Jean-Pierre Bemba is the most competent man for president.

When he was a rebel I did not support him but since he joined the traditional government, abiding by the constitution, I have come to see him as the man who will lead our troubled country into the good life.

I believe that he can put an end to the military crisis in the east of our country. He will bring order by punishing those who do not respect the law.

I think Mr Bemba will put in place and implement laws and so easily solve our problems.

Map of DR Congo showing Kinshasa, Kisangani and Bukavu

The first issue is to build up a strong army. We need a responsible army and with his military background I feel he will be the best man to achieve this.

I am a private teacher and so am lucky.

A friend of mine teaches at a government school where although he is paid regularly, it is not enough. He cannot sustain his life from the beginning of each month to the end.

Like many others here in Congo, he does not have what the rest of the world would call a normal life. We struggle.

Throughout the campaigning period Mr Bemba, in a number of his speeches, has outlined his plans to get the economy going. He is good at making money and so I think he will be able to help us.

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