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UN envoy defends Darfur remarks
Jan Pronk
Mr Pronk already had shaky ties with Khartoum
UN envoy to Sudan Jan Pronk has said he does not regret comments about the Darfur conflict, which led to his expulsion by the Khartoum government.

Speaking from his native Netherlands, Mr Pronk said Sudan had broken its own peace agreement in Darfur.

He said he had offended elements within the Sudanese government who are still inclined to seek a military solution.

He was expelled after he wrote in his blog that Sudan's army had suffered defeats in Darfur and had low morale.

Mr Pronk told Dutch radio that what he had written had been "an open secret".

1940 - Born in The Hague, Netherlands
1971 - Elected as Dutch MP
1985 -1986 Assistant UN secretary general
1998 - Dutch environment minister
2001 - Chairman of UN climate conference in Bonn, worked to secure agreement on Kyoto protocol
2002 - Special UN envoy to World Summit on Sustainable Development in Tokyo
2004 - UN special representative for Sudan
Married with two children

"The main thing is that a peace accord was signed in Darfur but the military are trampling all over it and are still trying to gain a military victory," he said.

"I have been trying constantly over the last months to expose this and this doesn't suit them."

The Sudanese army has denounced Mr Pronk's allegations, claiming they were "psychological warfare" and demonstrated hostility towards the government and armed forces

However he has received support from UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

"His (Mr Pronk's) status remained unchanged," Mr Annan's spokesman said.

Sudan is resisting strong international pressure to admit UN peacekeepers to try to end the conflict in Darfur.

The expulsion was attacked by former rebels from south Sudan, who joined the national government last year.

Aerial views show the overcrowded desert camps

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