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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 June 2006, 15:31 GMT 16:31 UK
Jowhar calm but residents scared
HornAfrik journalist Mohamed Ibrahim Mualimu tells the BBC's Focus on Africa programme about the atmosphere in the Somali town of Jowhar after it fell to Islamic fighters.

The situation in Jowhar is now calm after the fighting between the militia loyal to the Union of Islamic Courts who have come from Mogadishu and those based in Jowhar loyal to warlord Mohamed Dhere.

People are very tense and frightened by the fighting which was really huge.

The Islamic militia arrived in two different directions and finally they came into the town.

It has been confirmed that two people died in the fighting, both of them were militia and 14 injured, the majority are militia.

The warlord (Mohamed Dhere) and militia have fled from the town to the eastern part of the region, middle Shabelle.

We don't know exactly where they are now but they fled after a two-hour battle. They were on the defensive for three days.


The Islamic militia are now patrolling the town and I have seen many people have congregated in front of the police station.

Some of the people were welcoming them but most of others are fleeing.

Some of the people were saying: "Allah u-Akbar," welcoming the Islamic militia.

But many people are remaining indoors worried that the fighting isn't over because gunfire can still be heard from the outskirts of the town.

People are still fearful of a counterattack from the warlord.

The Islamic militia in front of the police station are trying to calm people saying things will not go bad and they also said that anyone who is seen looting from offices or houses they said will be killed by fight or they will be arrested.


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