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Surviving on a low income: Angola
Angolan Aristides, 29, tells the BBC News website how he manages to get by working as a driver in the capital city, Luanda.

Aristides at the company where he works in Luanda
Aristides travels by bus to and from his job in the city

I am a driver for a company which services air conditioners and generators.

On my salary of US$300 per month I am able to survive supporting my wife who is currently studying and our two-year-old baby son.

The rent for our home is equivalent to US$80 each month. On top of that I pay 2,000 Angolan kwanza ($25) for electricity.

Our home is not supplied with water and so we have to buy it which comes to about 4,000 Angolan kwanzas every month.

Street vendor selling goods in Luanda
A loaf of bread = 25c
Packet of sugar = 25c
Bottle of Coca Cola = $1.50

Although I work as a driver I am not allowed to use the company vehicle for my personal use.

Because of this I travel to and from work by "kandongeiro" (bus).

Each working day this sets me back by 300 Angolan kwanzas.

My country earns enormous amounts of money through oil and this wealth is clearly visible here in the capital city.

However for most of us Angolans we don't get a taste of this high life - people like me have to struggle getting by on a few hundred US dollars each month.

There are 80.16 Angolan kwanza to US$1.

Angolan Kwanza US $
Pay 24,048 300
Extra 0 0
Rent -6,413 -80
Dependents 0 0
Electricity -2,000 -25
Water -4,000 -50
Transport -6,250 -78
Food -4,700 -59
Phone -2,806 -35

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