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Last Updated: Monday, 6 March 2006, 10:07 GMT
Big Brother Nigeria goes on air
Big Brother Nigeria contestants (From: www.bigbrothernigeria.com)
The winner will pocket $100,000
Big Brother Nigeria, the latest version of the global television reality show, has gone on air for the first time.

Twelve contestants entered the house, where they will spend up to 91 days, on Sunday night.

They will be voted off in turn by viewers of South African channel M-Net and the last one will win $100,000.

An Africa-wide Big Brother caused controversy three years ago - Malawi pulled it off air deeming it immoral, but its High Court overturned the ban.

There have also been South African versions of the reality show.

'Don't hold back'

Zambian Cherise Makubale, who was crowned winner of Big Brother Africa, attended the launch of Big Brother Nigeria.

She advised the six men and women entering the house to enjoy "every minute of it".

Chinedu, 24, self-employed
Ebuka, 23, lawyer
Frank, 29, dancer
Gideon, 22, graduate
Joseph, 32, flight attendant
Yinka, 26, musician
Chem, 21, student
Francisca, 21, student
Helen, 25, student
Ify, 29, entrepreneur
Joan, 24, student
Maureen, 23, student

"Don't hold back, but always remember, it is a game and somebody other than you wants to win it as well," she said.

The competitors will live together in the Big Brother house where 27 cameras film their every move and a behind-the-scenes production crew give them daily chores.

All the contestants are over 21 years of age - they were chosen from 13,000 candidates. Flight attendant Joseph is the oldest at 32.

Ms Makubale says Nigeria's version of Big Brother looks promising.

"If the Nigerian movies are anything to go by, I think it will be very interesting. I am definitely looking forward," she said.

And an early conversation amongst the contestants turned to Nigeria's film industry, Nollywood, reports the Big Brother website.

Twenty one-year-old Chem felt it was unreal that Nollywood actresses playing women wake up in bed in the morning with full make-up and with perfect hair.

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