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Ugandan voters' views: Simon

Name: Simon
Age: 50
Lives: Arua
Job: Technologist

I voted early. I woke up at 0730 and by 0800 I was at the polling station.

The line was very long - there were many people. Everything has been peaceful so far. There was a heavy downpour of rain early in the morning, before the polls opened.

The mood seems to one of calmness and quiet. There are a lot of security personnel around - they are in uniform but do not have guns.

Kizza Besigye (L) and Yoweri Museveni
The main rivals are Kizza Besigye (L) and Yoweri Museveni

People are not intimidated. They are just carrying on, going on with their voting and in the North this seems to be mainly for the opposition. Dr Kizza Besigye.

We are praying that God helps us through these elections so that we can have change.

20 years of the same is too long. We need something different now.

Here in the North, the people who live in the camps, the internally displaced people, are not educated. Some of the children who have grown up there have never even gone to school. Can you believe that?

This is just one of the problems and we think that by having a change now, at least the new government will resolve things.


The urban areas are doing fine, mostly, but if you go deep into the rural areas, the people are so poor. They do not even have paraffin fuel for their homes.

Poverty is really rampant and people are feeling the weight.

I feel for the children who are very bright but yet their parents cannot afford to send them to university or tertiary education institutions.

It is pathetic - there are too many problems.


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