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Ugandan voters' views: Sarah

Name: Sarah
Age: 28
Lives: Nagongera
Job: Social worker

I think voting is going quite fine.

All the rainfall has caused disruptions but it is obvious that people are determined to vote despite the rain.

I feel very excited because I have had a chance to determine the future.

I want a happy country that is peaceful, a country that is much more democratic and where the rule of law is protected and upheld.

There were so many young people voting - they were very vigilant and all were avoiding lawlessness.

There was one scene when two people showed up at the polling station wearing their chosen candidate's t-shirt. They were made to leave by the election constables because they were seen to be encouraging lawlessness - nobody is allowed to campaign at the polling station and so they should not have turned up wearing their candidate's campaign colour.

Museveni cannot accept defeat, Dr Kizza Besigye wants power by hook or by crook
Daudi La Guma, Uganda

Everyone is excited and actions like that are likely to incite trouble.

There are a lot of police everywhere, patrolling the streets and the roads. Some people are claiming that it is the military disguised in police uniform but I do not know.

They are just moving around being very observant. They seem to be interested in keeping law and order and so far I haven't seen any intimidation.

Since voting early this morning I have been moving between the rural areas around Tororo in eastern Uganda.

It is the women that seem to be the majority in the voting exercise. They have braved the rain to cast their vote.


The youth are very active in anticipation of change.

As both a women and a social worker I voted for a woman who I think is most likely to rouse and raise the issues affecting us and further our emancipation.

She is young and understands what we, as females, face in the community. Problems like HIV/Aids and how it widows us and orphans our children. I believe she will be passionate in her fight.

I really hope that the election will go fine and I pray that the government ensures that the people's wishes are respected.

They must make sure that the tallying and the vote counting is done in a transparent and fair manner.


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