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Ugandan voters' views: Naomi

Name: Naomi
Age: 24
Lives: Kampala
Job: Student

It was very calm when I voted, actually too calm.

There was virtually no activity at the polling station, at the university.

There were only two people in the queue at a go.

Out of 1,145 expected voters only 355 had turned up, including me, a polling officer told me.

It is probably because of the rain but then again being a university, full of students, maybe they went to their home areas because of today being a public holiday. Or maybe those who voted, voted very early in the morning so they could then travel to visit their family.

I was not asked to show my voting card - they just used my identity card to prove who I was. My picture was missing on the register but I didn't have a problem.

It is a matter of life and death. If you decide wrongly, you will bear the consequences
President Yoweri Museveni

A lot of my friends are apolitical and don't care which I do find very strange, considering they are university students. But a lot of girls my age have a "don't care" attitude. It is only mostly the guys that are bothered and those that are slightly older.

I chose who I chose because I voted for who I thought was the better man. I voted for Besigye.

It doesn't do us any harm to have someone different. We don't want five more years of plunder. A new person will have new ideas and in the coming five years he will need to prove himself. And so he will do a lot for us, like Museveni did for us at first.

We are convinced that Besigye will do what he says he will. Anyway, we will be getting used to him and he will want to prove himself to us. And as someone who has been in and out of jail, and court he will want us to see that he hasn't been fighting for nothing.

Everyone is anticipating that if Museveni wins we will have many problems. Things will get worse. Lately, he has shown attitudes that he doesn't take orders from anyone, he doesn't respect the judiciary or the constitution. And the army is on his side in a very bold way.


We see another five years of him as a time when he will be punishing us. He will want to get even and he will want to show that this is what he was talking about. There will be so many people in trouble.

In a speech yesterday he promised that he wouldn't fight if the vote does decide against him. He said that he trusts that his people want him and so he knows they will vote for them. Then he added that if they don't, he has other things to do - he has another parliament: his family.

Now we wait to see if he does what he said he'll do.


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