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Media questions after Garang death
John Garang
Missed by many
Sudanese government leaders, Arab papers and the press in neighbouring states and Kenya, which hosted the Sudan peace negotiations, have mourned the death of First Vice-President John Garang.

One paper links his death to "conspiracies", pointing the finger at European countries, the USA and Israel.

The president of the republic, in announcing this regrettable and painful news to the entire Sudanese people and to the peace-loving world, mourns a man who believed in peace and who worked for it with sincerity and great strength, and the hearts of the entire Sudanese people was opened to him... We urge all the people to show fortitude and to observe calm and tranquillity until the country emerges from this difficult test, with greater stability, cohesiveness and unity.

Sudanese Information Minister Abd-al-Basit Sabdarat on Sudanese radio

Last night we closely followed the events with anxiety and emotion. We were surprised and shocked by this report at a time when we were hoping to see him as a real partner in implementing the peace agreement so that it becomes a reason for development, wealth and advantage for the people of Sudan. We were shocked by this grave loss, and we can do nothing during this significant moment except pray to God to reveal his patience in all of us.

Sudanese cabinet statement, Sudanese TV

After the departure of the first vice-president following his plane crash in the southern jungle, the game of Sudanese alliances will lose its main engineer. Sudan will lose a huge safety valve for many opposition groups who knew the doctor [Garang].

London's Arab newspaper Al-Hayat

The biggest mistake Garang made was not to leave behind a strong deputy who could unite the movement and continue his policy after him. The scenario of war between the south and north has become a nightmare for all Sudanese people after the death of Garang - the political expert who stunned all the democrats and dictators in the Sudanese governments, and managed to impose his conditions at the end of it all... Sudan is in dire need of self-restraint to overcome this difficult period that it is going through.

London's Al-Quds al-Arabi

The dangerous incident that befell dear Sudan as a result of the death of Dr John Garang indicates that our dear Sudan is in thrall to terrible conspiracies, in which a number of European countries are taking part, as well as the US. These conspiracies have continued for more than 10 years. No doubt, Israel has played a part, be it by supporting the conflict which continued in southern Sudan for 20 years or by destabilizing the Arab country in many ways... The withholding of the truth by the Sudanese media formented clamour and caused the riots in Khartoum and other cities.

London's pro-Libyan Al-Arab al-Alamiyah

The loss of Garang is a strong blow to the peace agreement. What is more import though is not to let it fail. The next leader of the SPLM should be able to unite the people and fill Garang's space quickly so that the implementation of the agreement continues. At the same time, the violent acts by the southerners living in the suburbs of Khartoum should also end quickly, since the loss of Garang is enough for Sudan.

Egypt's Al-Ahram

The sudden departure of the Sudanese first vice-president raises concern about the future of Sudan and the fate of the peace agreement... Yes, the loss of John Garang is immense for the Sudanese people, as President Umar al-Bashir said. However, everyone should work to stop this loss exceeding the boundaries of losing a great national leader like John Garang and affecting the future of the Sudanese people in the north and south.

Egypt's Al-Akhbar

Garang has left with all his history and work. Sudan remains to bless its people with security and peace and to bring back its unity. It is the only way to overcome difficulties, challenges and create a sunny tomorrow for all Sudanese.

Egypt's Al-Jumhuriyah

The passing of John Garang... is a shock to many who follow African politics... Garang was the embodiment of the aspirations of southern Sudanese peoples, racially African, and politically and socially marginalized... How far his legacy will last remains to be seen... All Sudanese, Africans and the world community should ensure that Garang's death does not scuttle the peace.

Uganda's New Vision

In a cruel irony of fate, the man who fought for the freedom and justice of southern Sudan for 20 years, Dr John Garang, is dead... His death is a big blow to the people of Sudan and to the fragile peace agreement... there is no bigger honour that Sudan can accord Garang than to ensure that what he started goes on... The international community must keep vigil on this country at this most trying of times.

Kenya's Standard

The new-found peace in Sudan could be blown away, but then it might be propelled forward, following the death of Dr John Garang... There are many who held firmly that while Garang won the war, he didn't have it in him to be the peace leader... He learnt new military tactics, but not fresh political ones. Yes, all that and more might be true. But when all is said and done, Dr Garang will still be judged kindly by history.

Kenya's Nation

The death... of Dr John Garang... is a major setback to the country's fledgling peace deal... He was an indefatigable diplomat ready to make sacrifices... His death could not have come at a worse time... Dr Garang is a great achiever of our times.

Kenya's People Daily

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