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African press addresses G8 issues
African press

Newspapers across Africa examine the crucial issues at stake ahead of the G8 conference in Scotland and as African leaders end their own summit in Libya.

Much of the debate hinges around putting the onus on the G8 and other wealthy nations to help Africa develop, although there is also recognition of the need for the region's countries to put their own houses in order and tackle debilitating problems like corruption.

It is only when the problems of Africa are tackled in a holistic manner that lasting solutions could be found... The fight for debt cancellation did not start yesterday. It has gone on for ages so it would be wrong for the leadership of any particular country to claim vain honours by bringing any such relief because of some imaginary plausible policies... It is also common knowledge that Africa's poverty was not created by the people of the continent. It was the world's trade injustice which has landed almost all African countries in a state of irredeemable debts... Unless the pattern of trade is changed to guarantee fairness, the debts will start re-germinating on day one after its cancellation.

Ghana's Palaver

It is incumbent upon the African continent to agree on one position in order to gain a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, and which would also make it realize the development aims of the third millennium and make the most industrialized countries respond to its demands.

Egypt's Al-Ahram

On Saturday, anywhere between 1 and 2 billion people watched the star-studded Live 8 concerts... While a majority of Africans are too poor to own a television set, it is hoped that the...leaders of the G8... and their citizens got the message loud and clear... Whether the leaders... will listen to these calls for more debt relief, aid and fairer trader is another matter.

Uganda's Daily Monitor

It is high time Africa discarded its begging bowl and engage the world's most powerful group of nations, the G8, as equal partners... Africa should speak with one voice... when it comes to issues of trade imbalances, United Nations reforms, debt relief and many others... Africa should, however, also learn to live within its means. Zimbabwe's Herald

Eight out of nine diamonds in the world come from Africa. More than nine out of every ten grammes of platinum in the world come from Africa. Half of all the gold ingots in the world come from Africa... Most of its lands has not been exploited and its resources still lie buried.... What if these capabilities were used collectively by the continent...? Africa' history is being written... in blood, sweat and tears .

Libya's Al-Jamahiriyah

Genuine fears have been expressed by well-meaning people about Africa squandering any gains from this event - the usual waste through corruption and politicians stashing away money in foreign banks. The problem goes beyond politicians alone. We are all involved because a great part of Africa's problems boils down to our own individual negative attitudes, actions and inactions in how we relate to our countries and eventually our continent... Live 8 was a private initiative whose impact cannot be gainsaid. It is sad to note that none of the18 or so African countries that have been pencilled for debt cancellation put even token shows of solidarity with the Live 8 concerts".

Ghana's Daily Mail

An African forum, such as is taking place in Libya, would...provide the tool for African leaders to speak with one voice, push their demands on a united front, so that they would receive the attention of rich nations... The factors that prompted the African countries to go in for the loans are still present. No efforts have been made to remove them... It is likely that the same problems would emerge, once again, and the leaders would, once again, start globe-trotting, with cap in hand, looking for loans... Situations such as this would render the debt-cancellation exercise useless, because it would not benefit either the creditor, nor the debtor.... Africans need debt cancellation, but they need the factors that prompt them to seek for loans to be removed.

Ghana's Daily Guide

If it comes down solely to US President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Angola is unlikely to appear on the list of African countries earmarked for massive aid because corruption, poor management, and lack of transparency continue to cast a shadow.

Angola's Angolense

Africa still grabs the headlines. Its poverty is legendary. Which explains the laudable initiative by international music celebrities who organised concerts in support of Africans, aimed at drawing the attention of the G8 meeting. Africa is today capable, with its natural and human resources, of finding the way to progress and development if it is given a free hand. In every part of the continent, it is rare to find a country with leaders who have come to power genuinely through the wishes of the people. It is a critical time. It is a question of leaving nothing to chance in a bid to extract the continent from the effects of its bad past. Africa actually needs a policy in line with the aspirations and expectations of its peoples.

DR Congo's Le Potentiel

Try hard as Tony Blair did, the G8 countries did not include Sierra Leone... Blair and Chancellor Gordon Brown fought very hard to sell the case of this country... because Sierra Leone is just coming out of a devastating decade-long civil war... Certainly we did not qualify because of the prevailing corruption in governmental circles.

Sierra Leone's The Exclusive

The latest debt relief by the G8 countries will free billions of additional rands for social spending... the G8 cancelling of debt looks limited in comparison with Africa's total debt, but it is an important breakthrough.

South Africa's Beeld

Why does Africa remain poor? African states are poor today because they have, in the main, failed to take advantage of globalization and put the institutions in place to do so. They are high-cost, high-risk and low in productivity.

Commentary in South Africa's Business Day

Top of the agenda set by the incoming G8 chairman Tony Blair, is the issue of Africa and debt relief. However, debt forgiveness should not be seen as Africa getting a free ride for its past sins. While there can be no doubt about the scale and urgency of Africa's need... perhaps the solution lies in the slogan, 'trade not aid'. The poor would certainly benefit from the removal of tariff barriers, in particular the EU's unfair system of farm subsidies. However, Africa needs to begin to seriously look for its own homegrown solutions to poverty and the debt problem.

Kenya's Nation

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African press looks to G8
03 Jul 05 |  Africa

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