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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 January 2006, 15:43 GMT
Museveni opponents in libel suit
Kizza Besigye and his wife Winnie
Kizza Besigye and his wife Winnie are both ex-allies of President Museveni
Two Ugandan politicians have been charged after alleging the president had bribed judges involved in the trial of presidential aspirant Kizza Besigye.

Dr Besigye's wife Winnie Byanyima and FDC party official Jack Sabiti were charged with criminal libel and supplying false information.

In December the two wrote to the chief justice, claiming President Yoweri Museveni had bribed senior judges.

They alleged that money was paid to influence Dr Besigye's trial.

The letter urged Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki to investigate the matter.

The letter came to public attention when it was published by the two main English daily newspapers.


The judges are suing Mr Sabiti and Ms Byanyima.

A week ago, President Museveni wrote an article in the state owned New Vision newspaper in which he described the allegations as blatant lies.

"I call upon the relevant authorities to investigate whether or not Byanyima and Sabiiti can not be legally punished for uttering such glaring falsehood," the president wrote.

Winnie Byanyima said that the letter she had written was confidential and was never intended to be leaked to the press.

The pair were freed on bail and 14 February was set as the date for the trial to start.


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