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Last Updated: Monday, 27 June, 2005, 22:17 GMT 23:17 UK
Ex-Bissau leader accepts defeat
Former Guinea-Bissau President Kumba Yala
Kumba Yala declared himself president in May ahead of the election
Guinea-Bissau's former President Kumba Yala has declared that he accepts results placing him third in the recent first round of presidential elections.

But he reiterated his claim to have won the vote, which now goes to a run-off round between the two leaders.

Speaking from neighbouring Senegal, he said he accepted the results in the interest of peace and democracy.

At least four people died when hundreds of his supporters clashed with police in the capital Bissau on Friday.

'I won'

"I won these elections but in the interest of democracy, of peace, I accept the results," Mr Yala said in a speech to diplomats in Senegal, where he had been holding talks with President Abdoulaye Wade.

No candidate won 50% of the vote, and a second round run-off between the top two candidates will take place between 17 and 24 July.

Malam Bacai Sanha of the ruling PAIGC party obtained 158,000 votes, former military ruler Joao Bernardo "Nino" Vieira, 129,000 votes and Mr Yala, 111,000 votes.

The election is seen as a chance to end years of instability. The UN's Security Council has praised the election, during which 80% of voters turned out.

Mr Yala, a former philosophy teacher, was forced from power in a military coup in 2003, but has declared himself still to be the legitimate ruler.

He became president in 2000 following a bitter civil war in the late 1990s in which thousands were killed, wounded or displaced.

Initially popular, he was ousted after his government dismissed parliament and failed to call new elections.

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