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Last Updated: Monday, 16 January 2006, 13:15 GMT
Frenchman 'had Togo war planes'
Mig-23 fighters are among the aircraft the army says it has seized
Togo's army says it has seized combat aircraft from a former French policeman living in the capital, Lome.

Two MiG-23 planes and two Mi-18 helicopters had been found from Lome airport, a military spokesman said.

An international commission is probing the origin of military materiel used by Ivorian forces in the bombing of a French base in Ivory Coast in 2004.

The spokesman said Togo would never be a transit zone for ammunition and arms for Ivory Coast or other countries.

The government has asked former policeman Robert Montoya to explain the origin and planned destination of the military equipment.

Army spokesman Maj Moise Oyome Kemence said the government had carried out a search at security companies owned by Mr Montoya December after Togolese Defence Minister Kpatcha Gnassingbe issued a complaint against him.


"Let's leave the law to deal carefully with this case, without prejudice," Maj Kemence told AFP news agency.

"We don't know if this equipment was going to Ivory Coast," he added.

An international commission based in Lome is investigating the origin of military equipment used by Ivorian loyalist forces in the attack on a French military base at Bouake in Ivory coast in November 2004.

Nine French soldiers and an American civilian were killed in the aerial bomb attack.

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