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Same-sex marriages: Your reaction
Gay men
Most Africans feel that homosexuality is alien to them
Following South Africa's highest court ruling in favour of same-sex marriages, which are banned under current legislation, many of you have been emailing the BBC News website with your views.

Read a selection below and if you would like to comment too, please click on the link at the end of the page.

Keobine Rantlole, Gaborone, Botswana

There is absolutely nothing urgent about encouraging gay rights. It is alien practice which is unpopular in most African countries. Even the Vatican is strongly against same sex unions so does the president of the most powerful nation the US. African governments have lots of pressing issues to grapple with such as HIV/Aids, poverty reduction, gender equality, illiteracy and above all good governance. So issues like gay rights are pretty much secondary.

Sharri, Randburg, South Africa

I think its about time too! Same-sex marriages and partnerships should be legally recognised. I think not only should gay rights be promoted but human rights as well, the two go hand in hand!

Linus Inyang, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Why should same sex marriage be allowed? Is that what the Bible says or what man says? From the beginning it was man to woman not man to man. If it were to be man to man, God would have given Adam another man. No African country should encourage that.

Chilumba, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Gay Pride parade
Chilumba thinks South Africa's court ruling is wrong

Union between two persons should strongly be opposed especially in African culture where in addition to normal respect, there is also HIV/Aids hunting the lives of fellow Africans. Marriage between a man and a woman is according to Holy books meant to produce children to put human life into continuity. Even if the two persons had tested HIV-negative, the question of reproduction in that type of 'marriage' would be impossible hence. Say no to your union between two persons. Let us go back to Holy books where Adam had Eve (a woman) as his wife. Furthermore in many African countries' population, women do outnumber men. Where should we take these women to?

Jack Zimba, Lusaka, Zambia

Same-sex marriages are not only un-African, they are inhuman and should be outlawed in every society. The South African judges have thrown their country to the dogs and God will judge them harshly.

Israel Ambe Ayongwa, Bamenda, Cameroon

Gays should be accorded the treatment meted out by the Biblical Pharisees, scribes and teachers of the law. Gays have no place in Africa. They should go and meet their friends in Europe or the US.

Nick Smit, South African in Brussels

Absolutely. My partner and I recently married in the Netherlands. This legalised 12 years of co-habitation and registered partnership. It was in church and my family was there to support us. Great to see my home country moving in that direction as well.

Medie, Kampala, Uganda

The court of your country wants to disappoint the whole African continent by ruling in favour of the same-sex marriage. What a big blunder to this human race. Africa does not know this uncivilized and barbaric human act which I am fully in confident that would never be tolerated in our society. Please let us rethink of this ruling and save human dignity.

Yahya, The Gambia

That act is religiously not allowed.

Naomie Mbewe, UK

I think people should do what they want, if people prefer to be in same-sex relationships, let them. At the end of the day we all have to answer to God and no-one has a right to judge. If that's what they are then let them, how does it affect others?

Jesse B Kaiyeepu, Liberia

Thank you very much for giving us this golden opportunity by allowing us to comment on such an evil and an uncivilized thing the South Africans are doing. Let me make the world to know that we Liberian will not allow for this kind of thing to happen in Liberia. God forbid.

Vincent Tetteh Quarshie Nartey, Ghana

Maybe they have been bribed by those people to speak for them
Vincent, Ghana

To be honest, this is an abominable act before Almighty God who instituted marriage. God says a marriage is a union between a man and a woman. This gives a precise definition of marriage. Those who are advocating for gay marriages, I'm sorry to tell them that they do not know what marriage is? Maybe they have been bribed by those people to speak for them. How can a whole High Court Judge ask for a country's constitution to be changed so that a man can have sex with a man or woman to woman?

George Naphambo, Johannesburg, South Africa

Gay Pride marcher
George thinks Africa is opposed to the ruling because it is still a conservative continent

Yes they should especially in a democratic nation. I believe the issue shouldn't even be put to a referendum simply because the majority will vote against it as homosexuals are in the minority and that means the majority would be imposing their views on this part of society. African countries ought to do more but it would be political suicide for most governments to actively encourage it. So perhaps they could turn a blind eye. The problem is that Africa is still a conservative continent as such it will take time for gay people to get their rights.

Daniel Nyirenda, Blantyre, Malawi

The question is? Are same-sex marriages a priority issue to our countries? Is it a solution to social affairs? If the answer is yes to the above questions, then let's go ahead with it. In my view, gays and lesbians are not a solution to deteriorating social affairs in most African countries. Nor is it a priority issue, in this case, for South Africa. No to it.

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