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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 November 2005, 19:06 GMT
Uganda leader predicts poll win
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
President Museveni beat Kizza Besigye in the 2001 elections
Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has predicted he will win next year's presidential polls.

"I almost know the results already, because I know how many members we have," he told journalists.

He said the media had misinformed the world by implying that he was responsible for the arrest of his main rival Kizza Besigye.

He was detained after returning from exile last month and has been charged with treason and terrorism.

Speedy trail

The BBC's Will Ross, who was at the press conference, said Mr Museveni read out sections from a red copy of the Ugandan constitution to demonstrate that the law does not allow the executive to arrest.

In fact if I was an investor hearing about this, I would come to Uganda
President Yoweri Museveni

He called for a speedy trial for Dr Besigye, whom he beat at polls in 2001.

He added that he did not want to miss the chance of defeating his rival from the Forum for Democratic Change again.

The entry onto the political scene of the widow of former Ugandan President Milton Obote as a candidate for the Uganda National Congress party was proof of Uganda's democracy, he said.

"I'm really dying to tussle it out with Miria [Obote]. It's good - that's what democracy's about," he said.

Our correspondent says the president dismissed suggestions that recent events had damaged the country's reputation.

He said the fact that the violence prompted by Dr Besigye's arrest was stopped by security forces was proof of a strong state.

"In fact if I was an investor hearing about this, I would come to Uganda," he said.


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