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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 November 2005, 18:34 GMT
Kenya's entire cabinet dismissed
People holding oranges at a "No" rally
To help illiterate voters, the campaigns used fruit symbols
Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki has dismissed his entire cabinet and deputy ministers after voters rejected a draft constitution in a referendum.

Mr Kibaki said he would announce a new line-up of ministers in two weeks.

The result is seen as a protest against Mr Kibaki, and there is speculation that ministers opposed to the draft will not be part of the new team.

Campaigners celebrating the "No" vote have asked their opponents to join them in drafting a fresh constitution.

"Please come and join the rest of the nation in rebuilding a new Kenya," the so-called "orange" anti-constitution campaign said in a statement.

The result is a blow for Mr Kibaki, who led the "banana" campaign for a "Yes".

The president has made no reference to discussions on a new draft.

Opposition campaign leaders called for a cross-party effort to draft a new constitution "now that the people of Kenya have decisively spoken, and in the spirit of genuine reconciliation".

No: 3,548,477 (57%)
Yes: 2,532,918 (43%)
Turnout: 54%
206/210 constituencies declared
Source: ECK

"We invite our colleagues in the Banana camp to join us in expeditiously charting the way forward for a new Constitutional dispensation for our country," the leaders said in a statement read out by opposition leader Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Kibaki admitted defeat in a live television address. "My government will respect the will of the people," he said. But he said that the existing constitution would serve Kenya's needs for now, the Daily Nation newspaper reports.

Protest vote

Many used the poll to protest against Mr Kibaki's leadership, and crowds of people celebrated the result on the streets of the capital, Nairobi.

Prime minister - works to the president
Bans foreign land ownership
Land commission formed - individuals can no longer distribute land
Christian and other religious courts set up; Muslim courts already exist
Regional parties banned
Elections for local officials
Same-sex marriages banned
Women get equal rights to inherit property
Abortion outlawed - unless permitted by parliament

With just four out of 210 constituencies still to return their results, the "No" campaign has an unassailable lead of almost 1m votes.

The latest figures released by the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) show 3,548,477 (57%) voted "No" while 2,532,918 (43%) backed the draft.

Mr Kibaki's cabinet was split over the constitution, with seven ministers joining with the opposition, urging voters to reject the draft.

Correspondents had expected the cabinet reshuffle and say manoeuvring will increase ahead of general elections due in 2007.

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